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Personal Details

Gabriele Bianco
Gussago, Brescia Italy

Professional Details

Employment Information

Employer/Organization: Self-Employed
I am practicing as a(n):
Speech Language Pathologist/Therapist
Primary Language Spoken: Italian
Additional Language(s) Spoken: English, Spanish
Age Group Serviced: 0-18
Hanen Certifications
  • It Takes Two to Talk®
  • Learning Language and Loving It™
Other Certifications
Areas of Interest
  • Articulation/Phonological Disorder
  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication Technology
  • Children with Complex Physical Needs (e.g. Cerebral Palsy)
  • Language Delay
  • Late Talkers
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Literacy
  • Multilingualism
  • Research
  • Selective Mutism
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Fluency Disorders
Additional Information
My name is Gabriele Bianco and I am an Italian Speech and Language Therapist. I graduated as a speech therapist in 2008 from the University of Padua (IT). After graduating, I continued my studies at Pontificial University in Salamanca (ES), where I attended a post-graduate clinical course which helped me to expand both my theoretical and practical skills in developmental language, speech and literacy disorders. Soon after, I travelled to Brisbane (AU) where I spent four months as an observer in a private Speech Pathology Clinic. From 2010 to 2013 I worked as an SLT in the Child Neuropsychiatry Departments of two Italian public hospitals (first in Bergamo, then in Brescia), treating children aged 0-14 affected by speech/ /language/literacy/mathematics/swallowing/communication disorders and constantly collaborating with local pre- and primary schools. Subsequently, in September 2013, I received a 2-year scholarship for a full-time research-oriented Master's degree in Clinical Linguistics (EMCL) at the Universities of Groningen (NL), Potsdam (DE) and the University of Eastern Finland. Finally, from March to August 2015, I worked on my Master's Thesis (Dynamic Assessment of vocabulary, sentence structure and phonology in combination with other measures as a screening tool for the identification of Specific Language Impairment in early Italian second language learners) in collaboration with City University of London. I currently work as a speech therapist with bilingual children affected by language and literacy disorders, within and outside pre- and primary school settings. I also work with children and adults who stutter.
In the past 2 years, I have run the following Hanen Programs:

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