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Hanen Membership for Speech-Language Pathologists

Taking a workshop is just the beginning of your journey with Hanen. All three of our entry-level workshops (It Takes Two to Talk®, More Than Words® and Learning Language and Loving It™) include a one-year renewable Hanen membership that’s designed to continuously enrich your career as a speech-language pathologist and support your growth as a clinician and Hanen Group Leader.

When you join our network of over 8000 member speech-language pathologists, you’ll enjoy all the following benefits to support your daily work with families and educators:

  • Advanced Hanen workshops – Depending on the entry-level workshop you choose, maintaining your Hanen membership gives you access to specialized advanced workshops for working with very specific populations, such as Late Talkers, high-functioning verbal children with autism and 3-5 year-olds in early childhood settings. For a complete list of Hanen workshops for SLPs, click here.
  • Convenient, clinically relevant online training opportunities at reduced costs – Hanen offers its members a variety of online training opportunities at significantly discounted rates, including several member-exclusive topics. Informative, interactive and approved for Continuing Education Credits, Hanen e-Seminars keep you up-to-date on the latest research, sharpen your clinical skills, and enhance your application of the Hanen approach in your day-to-day work.

    View a complete list of current e-Seminars.
  • Continuous updates on research in the field – Hanen breaks down the latest research for you into easy-to-digest articles and video presentations that focus on what’s most relevant to your daily work.
  • Opportunities to network with other Hanen-trained professionals – Hanen members can easily connect with like-minded members locally through Hanen Member Interest Groups and internationally through Hanen’s dynamic member-only website.
  • Member-only promotions on Hanen resources
  • Live Online Meetings for Members where you can consult with your Program Director, learn more about new research in the field as well as Hanen's newest initiatives
  • Continually updated program materials in multiple languages
  • Simple online tools for reaching out to families in your area and informing them about your service
  • Ongoing clinical support from Hanen’s Program Directors.
  • Continued certification to offer the Hanen program(s) in which you were trained.

Are You Ready to Join Us?

As a Hanen member, you begin what we hope is a long affiliation with us. We commit to you that your learning is not a one- or two-time workshop experience, but an ongoing journey of building and expanding your knowledge and skills as an early language interventionist.

If you share our vision of empowering the important people in a child’s life to be primary language teachers for their children, then we can hardly wait to welcome you to the Hanen community!

Register for a workshop and become a Hanen member!