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Hanen Membership for Early Childhood Professionals

If you are an early childhood professional involved in training or consulting to early childhood educators, a Hanen membership can support and enhance the work you do. You’ll gain knowledge, tools, skills and ongoing support that will help you empower educators to create the kind of language-rich classroom environments where children’s communication skills soar.

How do you Become a Hanen Member?

Early childhood education consultants/trainers become Hanen members when they complete the Learning Language and Loving It™ Certification Workshop.This intensive workshop licenses you to offer the evidence-based Learning Language and Loving It Program for Early Childhood Educators, a program designed to teach educators responsive interaction strategies to use in their day-to-day work with children in order to build the language, social and early literacy skills of preschool children. Also available to Learning Language and Loving It members is the ability to offer the Teacher Talk™ Training Series.

Following the Learning Language and Loving It Certification Workshop, your Hanen membership will continue to enrich your career as an early childhood professional, keeping you connected and well-informed, and providing you with many opportunities to build your knowledge and skills.

Benefits of Membership

Here are some of the key benefits of Hanen membership for early childhood professionals: 

Continued certification to offer Hanen Programs
In order to offer Hanen Programs or use your program resources one-to-one, you must maintain current membership. Renewing annually also means you won’t have to recertify your program license(s) in the future which can be complicated and potentially expensive.
Access to online training opportunities at reduced costs 
Hanen offers its members a variety of e-Seminars at significantly discounted rates (only $45.00 instead of $84.95). These highly practical, interactive e-Seminars keep you up to date on the latest research and offer immediately usable tools and strategies. Browse the complete list of current e-Seminars.
Continuous updates on research in the field
Hanen breaks down the latest research for you into easy-to-digest articles that focus on what’s most relevant to your daily work. Members also receive a monthly newsletter, the Wig Wag Minute, that includes new articles and special promos.
Invitations to Online Member Meetings
Connect with the Hanen clinical team, industry experts, and other Hanen members from your home or office. Discussions range from the latest Hanen resources and pilot projects to hot topics in the field – and more!
Access to program materials in multiple languages
Many Hanen Programs have had their resources translated into languages other than English. These resources are available only to current Hanen members for the programs in which they are certified. Browse list of translations.
Eligibility to take Advanced Hanen workshops
Maintaining your Hanen membership gives you access to specialized advanced workshops. For a complete list of Hanen Advanced workshops click here.
Ongoing clinical support
Our clinical experts are on-hand to help members with any questions or concerns they may have about implementing Hanen programs or using Hanen in their clinical work.
Opportunities to network with other Hanen-trained professionals
Hanen members can easily connect with like-minded members locally through the private Hanen Members Facebook group.
Stay in the loop on Hanen’s latest projects
Hanen recently launched several exciting new tools: Teacher Talk™ Online, Hanen Guidebooks in e-book format, and Hanen Online Workshops. There’s lots more to come later this year including an all new and updated Hanen website— you won’t want to miss out!

Ready to Join Us?

If you share our commitment to promoting the rich learning environments that are essential for the future academic success of preschoolers, then please let us welcome you to the Hanen network.

Register for a workshop and become a Hanen member!

Ready to Renew?

If your membership recently expired and you’re interested in reinstating it to start receiving member benefits again, you can renew your membership online today!

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