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Hanen for Students and Faculty

The Hanen Centre has been widely recognized as a thought leader in family-focused early language intervention, and is best known among professionals for its expertise in working effectively with parents and educators to help them build the social, language and literacy skills of young children.

Among students and faculty of both speech-language pathology and early childhood education departments, Hanen resources, programs, and workshops are highly trusted and respected, and frequently used as helpful teaching and learning tools.

Hanen for faculty members of speech-language pathology departments

If you’re on faculty in a department of speech-language pathology, Hanen’s evidence-based programs and accompanying guidebook and DVD resources can help you prepare your students for working with families of young children with language delays, as well as with educators in early childhood settings.

If you teach in North America, you may wish to inquire about Hanen’s complimentary university presentation, which introduces students to the Hanen approach and offers them practical information about involving parents in their child’s early language intervention. A limited number of these presentations are offered every year.

To learn more about the Hanen presentation, Hanen resources, and Hanen Programs®, click on your area of interest below:

Hanen for faculty members of early childhood education departments

If you’re a professor or an instructor of an early childhood education program, Hanen Programs® and book and DVD resources can help you teach your students evidence-based responsive interaction strategies for promoting language and emergent literacy development across a variety of early childhood settings.

Click here to learn more about how Hanen helps early childhood education faculty.  

Hanen for students of speech-language pathology

If you’re a speech-language pathology student and you’re looking for practical information on naturalistic, family-based early language intervention, Hanen’s research-based guidebook and DVD resources can help.

You’ll learn concrete strategies for building the language skills of young children naturally in everyday situations – something you’ll need when you begin your clinical work with children and their families.

Upon graduation, speech-language pathology students can take advantage of Hanen’s $200 subsidy toward the registration fee for the It Takes Two To Talk® Certification Workshop.

To find out more about Hanen resources and becoming a Hanen member, click on your area of interest below:

Hanen for students of early childhood education

The Hanen Centre has developed several guidebook and DVD resources specifically for early childhood educators. If you are a student studying early childhood education, these resources can help prepare you for work in a variety of early childhood settings by equipping you with practical strategies for building the language and early literacy skills of young children during everyday activities.

Click here to learn more about resources for early childhood educators.