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The Hanen I’m Ready!™ Program for Building Early Literacy in the Home

For the first time, the Hanen I’m Ready!™ Program offers parents the chance to help their child (aged 3-5 years old) develop the literacy skills they need before starting school. We’ve shown educators around the world how to help preschool children develop early literacy with the strategies taught in ABC and Beyond™ – The Hanen Program for Building Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Settings. Now, we’re taking those proven strategies and bringing them into the home. Like the strategies in all our programs, the strategies in I’m Ready! were designed to be truly flexible: parents will learn how they can promote early literacy while reading, but also throughout the entire day. I’m Ready! is ideal for children who are typically developing, at risk of a language delay, or with a mild language delay.

I’m Ready! is also the first Hanen Program to include sessions for parents and their children. While parents work with the program leader, their children are in another room with trained support staff – having fun while also taking part in activities that promote their early literacy skills and language development. The parents and children then come together to practice what they’ve learned while the program leader and trained support staff offer coaching and feedback, to help parents put the strategies they’ve just learned into practice.

Program Components

  • Six training sessions (plus a required Orientation Session) for parents in small, personalized groups
  • Simultaneous sessions where children continue to build their language and literacy skills with the help of trained support staff
  • A Hanen Certified speech-language pathologist or early childhood education professional who has completed the I’m Ready!™ Advanced Workshop to lead the program
  • Individualized parent coaching from the program leader and support staff throughout the program

Program Resources

During the program, parents use Hanen’s newest guidebook, I’m Ready!™ How to Prepare Your Child for Reading Success. Full of practical examples and beautiful photographs showing parents using the strategies in action, this guidebook is the perfect way for participants to cement their learning during the program, and review the content when it’s over.

Parents waiting to attend a program can purchase the guidebook in advance to give their learning a head start and gain practical strategies they can start using with their child right away.

Learn more about the I’m Ready! guidebook.

Benefits of Taking the I’m Ready!™ Program

Practical strategies you can use in everyday situations

Fun for children and easy for parents to use, all the strategies in I’m Ready! can help children learn the early literacy skills that are so important before starting school.

Here’s an example of an I’m Ready! strategy that can be used during shared book reading:

“Shoot for the SSTaRS”

On any given day a child hears thousands of words. When helping children learn new words, it’s important to make the word sparkle – highlight it somehow. To make new words sparkle during book reading, try using Shoot for the SSTARS:

Stress the new word to focus the child’s attention
Show the child what the word means
Tell the child what the word means
Relate the word to the child’s personal experiences and knowledge, as well as to other words and situations
Say it again – and read the book again

A research-based program that’s worth your time

Like all of Hanen’s programs, I’m Ready! was developed by expert speech-language pathologists and is grounded in extensive research. The strategies found in I’m Ready! are drawn from the evidence-based ABC and Beyond program.

I’m Ready! requires a time commitment from parents to ensure the best possible learning experience. However, once they’ve completed the program, the strategies parents have learned will become such a natural part of the way they interact with their children that they won’t even notice they’re using them. The commitment they put in now will pay off during every interaction they have with their child.

The chance to connect with other parents

I’m Ready! brings a group of parents together and teaches them the same strategies and skills to help their children develop early literacy skills. Throughout the program, parents share ideas and turn to each other for support, maximizing the potential for learning opportunities.

Finding an I’m Ready!™ Program

I’m Ready! Programs are offered by Hanen Certified I’m Ready! Program Leaders. To learn more about taking the I’m Ready! Program, contact

If you're a professional interested in offering this program, learn more about the I'm Ready! workshop.