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Everything a child needs to learn – vocabulary, language skills, social skills and even how to solve problems – can be learned through play.

Hanen’s newest autism resource, Plan for People Play, shows parents how they can build their child’s interaction and communication skills during “people games” – interaction-focused games that provide an ideal context for learning.


Promoting Language with Books

It’s hard to find a website or pamphlet today about child development that doesn’t say something about the importance of reading with young children. But what exactly is it about books that makes them such a powerful tool for promoting children’s development? And what are some things you can do during book reading to ensure that your child has the best chances to learn?

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Investigators at the University of Toronto studied the impact of Hanen's ABC and Beyond™ Program on educators’ use of conversational strategies during shared book reading with small groups of preschoolers. The study found that educators in the ABC and Beyond Program used a greater number of open questions, responsive statements and a variety of words compared with the control group.

Read more about these findings in the Journal of Early Childhood Literacy

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Tips for Parents 

As a parent, you want to know how to help your child develop the best possible language and literacy skills. So we've developed a series of practical tips to help you do just that.

They are based on the most current research and are designed to be used with young children in everyday situations.

Choose the group of tips that corresponds best to your child's current stage of communication development:

Tips for parents of young children who communicate
without words.

Tips for parents of children who have just started talking.

Tips for parents of children who talk in sentences.