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Imitation with Children on the Autism Spectrum: More Than Just a Game of Copycat

When you imitate actions back and forth with your child, you’re doing much more than playing a little game together. The ability of a child with autism to imitate the actions of others has been linked to the development of a variety of skills, from toy play skills to peer play skills to language skills. Find out what the latest research says and how you can help your child learn to imitate.

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Hanen Families: Meet the O'Sullivans 

Hanen Happenings staff had a chance to chat with Sandra and Cathal O’Sullivan, a family who recently completed It Takes Two to Talk® – The Hanen Program® for parents of children with language delays. The O’Sullivans talked about how their lives with their son Ryan have changed since completion of the It Takes Two to Talk® program...


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