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Learning Language and Loving It™ Certification Workshop for Speech-Language Pathologists and Early Childhood Education Consultants/Trainers

If you’re a speech-language pathologist or an early childhood education professional who trains, coaches or consults to other educators, the Learning Language and Loving It™ Certification Workshop can provide you with an effective framework for empowering educators to create the kinds of enriched language-learning environments that help children learn best.

You’ll discover how to help educators promote the social, language, and literacy development of young children (birth to five) using simple responsive interaction strategies that help all children learn, whether they’re typically developing, have or are at risk for language delays, or are second-language learners.

Based on best practice in the field of adult education, Learning Language and Loving It provides you with a teaching  methodology that accommodates all learning styles and ensures that educators are actively engaged in the learning, maximizing their ability to both understand and effectively apply their learning during everyday routines and activities with children.  

Why Take the Learning Language and Loving It™ Certification Workshop?


► NEW! Online workshops

You now have the option to attend Learning Language and Loving It entirely online. The virtual training re-creates the in-person Learning Language and Loving It workshop experience using the Zoom videoconferencing platform. The online workshop is offered over three full days, with participants attending each day's session live with an instructor and fellow participants.

Attendees are required to attend all three days of the workshop from start time to end time, as indicated during registration. As with all Hanen workshops, attendees will be actively engaged and will participate and interact with the instructor and with other participants throughout the three days. 

Learning activities include a pre-workshop assignment with self-study components, followed by live online sessions facilitated by the instructor, which include small group activities with other participants.

►Certification to teach an evidence-based program to early childhood educators

Gain world-recognized certification on completion of the Learning Language and Loving It workshop. This workshop certifies you to offer the evidence-based Learning Language and Loving It Program to early childhood educators and preschool teachers.

This program shows educators how to facilitate the language and emergent literacy development of young children (birth to 5 yrs) during everyday routines and activities, and how to become more sensitive to the individual needs and abilities of children, responding in ways that will be most helpful to each child.

During the program, educators learn how to implement three kinds of responsive interaction strategies that are known to promote children’s social, language and emergent literacy development:

  1. Child-oriented strategies – These strategies encourage children to initiate and engage in conversational interactions so that educators can respond in ways that encourage the child’s continued engagement in the interaction.
  2. Interaction-promoting strategies – These strategies encourage extended individual and group conversations between adults and children.
  3. Language-modelling strategies – These strategies expand the child’s oral language skills and facilitate the development of decontextualized language.

Educators learn how to:  

  • Promote every child’s language development using natural everyday activities, routines and play
  • Become attuned to individual children’s communication styles in order to engage every child in frequent, positive interactions
  • Become responsive to individual children  and follow their lead
  • Adjust the way they talk to help children learn language and, in time, develop decontextualized language
  • Promote positive peer interaction, especially for socially isolated children
  • Facilitate language-learning in pretend play, including increasing children’s ability to engage in pretend play
  • Foster emergent literacy skills  by making print “talk” in the classroom

Grounded in the most current research in the field of early childhood education, the Learning Language and Loving It Program has been field-tested and rigorously examined using randomized controlled trials. Its efficacy has been supported in a series of studies showing positive changes for both educators and children.

View a detailed research summary supporting the Learning Language and Loving It Program.

Find out more about how the Learning Language and Loving It Program helps educators. 

►Assurance that all children in the classroom will benefit

Using the Learning Language and Loving It approach in early childhood settings ensures that every child receives the help and encouragement he needs. That’s because Learning Language and Loving It has a three-pronged, comprehensive approach aimed at:

  1. Prevention of Language Delays for children at risk and second-language learners
  2. Early Language Intervention for children with language delays
  3. Language Enrichment for typically developing children

►The ability to effect lasting systemic change

Among ECEs who have taken Learning Language and Loving It, studies have revealed a significantly high rate of carryover, maintenance and generalization of the strategies they learn. This is because the program is based on the principles of adult learning, recognizing that adults learn best when adequate demonstrations, discussions and opportunities to practice are afforded to them.

Program participants receive a combination of stimulating, interactive group sessions and individual videotaping and feedback sessions that maximize their learning so they can continue to effect positive change in their classrooms long after the program is over.


►Tools to apply The Learning Language and Loving It™ approach flexibly in your day-to-day work

Learning Language and Loving It can be used flexibly outside of the group training program in the following ways: 

  • Individual consultations with educators using the Learning Language and Loving It guidebook and/or Program Slides with Embedded Videos
  • Offering Teacher Talk™ — Once certified in Learning Language and Loving It, you will have the option of purchasing a Teacher Talk license and Leaders Package. You will then be eligible to offer this flexible series of three one-day trainings that cover the key principles and strategies of the Learning Language and Loving It Program. Click here to find out more about offering Teacher Talk to educators.   

►Resources to use in your Learning Language and Loving It™ Programs, as well as in your day-to-day work with educators

At the Learning Language and Loving It workshop, you’ll receive all the materials required to offer the Learning Language and Loving It program for early childhood educators, and to work effectively with them on an individual basis.

For a complete list of resources received at the workshop, visit the Learning Language and Loving It FAQ

 ►Earn professional development hours

A: This workshop is offered for 2.6 ASHA CEUs (Introductory Level, Professional Area). Full attendance and participation during the three days is required. As a prerequisite, there is an Individual Learning Component to be completed before participation in thr workshop. This workshop focuses specifically on the Learning Language and Loving It™ Program and accompanying resources and will include no or limited information on other similar or related products or services.

►Hanen license and membership: Ongoing opportunities to build your clinical skills

The Learning Language and Loving It workshop registration fee includes a one-year, renewable Hanen membership designed to continually develop your clinical skills. Membership benefits include access to further professional development opportunities, online trainings, online member meetings on clinical topics with senior Hanen clinical staff, continuous research updates, networking opportunities and member-only promotions. Since the license is bundled with the membership, you will need to renew your Hanen membership annually for a low fee in order to continue offering Hanen Programs.

For more information on Hanen membership, click here.

Taking the Learning Language and Loving It™ Certification Workshop

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