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TalkAbility Advanced Workshop for Speech-language Pathologists

If you work with children ages 3-7 with high-functioning autism, The Hanen Centre has a one-of-a-kind training opportunity that can help you address the central challenge these children face: developing a theory of mind.

Based on cutting-edge research on what helps these children learn best, the TalkAbility™ Advanced Workshop provides you with the framework and strategies you need to help parents foster the higher-level language and social skills required to have successful conversations and social relationships. You'll learn how to help parents make the most of their child’s unique strengths and preferences to promote empathy, conversational skills and perspective-taking during everyday routines and activities.

Why Take the TalkAbility Advanced Workshop?

►To gain an approach that has simplified complex research into user-friendly information that is easy for parents to grasp

TalkAbility fills a longstanding gap in services for verbal children on the autism spectrum. The strategies parents learn from TalkAbility enable them to understand what their children need in order to develop the social skills that make their interactions with others more socially appropriate.

►To teach a cutting-edge program to parents

The TalkAbility workshop certifies you to lead TalkAbility™ -- The Hanen Program for Parents of Verbal Children on the Autism Spectrum. TalkAbility was developed by The Hanen Centre’s speech-language pathologists who specialize in the communication and social development of children with autism. TalkAbility is different from most intervention programs for children with autism because it shows parents how to help their child develop a theory of mind, or perspective-taking – one of the core deficits underlying the communication and social challenges of ASD.

Based on the most current research in the field, the TalkAbility Program shows parents how they can use everyday routines to help their child understand the true meanings behind words, recognize other people’s points of view and have successful conversations with others.

When you offer the TalkAbility Program to parents, you’ll be empowering them to:

  • Help their child develop empathy
  • Encourage their child to pay attention to the social messages people send non-verbally
  • Help their child have extended, back-and-forth conversations
  • Talk so their child can tune in to what others are thinking
  • Help their child tell stories and play imaginatively
  • Help their child make friends 

To view a detailed research summary and reference list for TalkAbility, click on the link below:


► To gain user-friendly resources for use in your TalkAbility Programs, as well as in your clinical practice

At the TalkAbility Advanced Workshop, you’ll receive all the materials you need to offer the TalkAbility Program for parents and to supplement individual consultations and home programming. 

For a list of resources received at the workshop, visit the TalkAbility Workshop FAQ.


►To earn professional development hours

This workshop is offered for 1.3 ASHA CEUs (Advanced Level, Professional Area). Full attendance and participation during the two days is required. This workshop focuses specifically on the TalkAbility™ program and accompanying resources and will include no or limited information on other similar or related products or services.

►To gain ongoing professional support

As a Hanen member certified in TalkAbility, you'll receive frequent updates on the latest news and research concerning theory of mind development in early childhood autism and the TalkAbility Program. The Program Director and Hanen team will also be there to support you and answer any questions you may have about leading the program or using the resources.

Taking the TalkAbility Workshop

TheTalkAbility Advanced Workshop is open to speech-language pathologists who:

  • Have taken the prerequisite workshop More Than Words®; and
  • Have current Hanen membership.

To find a TalkAbility workshop near you, visit the Workshop Schedule at the link below.