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It Takes Two to Talk® Certification Workshop for Speech-Language Pathologists

The understanding that parent empowerment leads to better language outcomes for young children is not news to The Hanen Centre. For over 35 years, we’ve specialized in training SLPs to empower parents to become effective language facilitators for their child, and we’ve seen dramatic results. It comes as no surprise that current research and best practice continue to support and strengthen their emphasis on parent involvement.

Focused on research and driven to meet the specific needs of speech-language pathologists, The Hanen Centre developed the It Takes Two to Talk® Certification Workshop. Attended by nearly 20 000 SLPs to date, this intensive three-day workshop provides a proven teaching methodology and coaching framework for effectively engaging parents in their child’s early language intervention.

Participants learn how to lead the evidence-based It Takes Two to Talk® Program for groups of parents of children with expressive and receptive language delays, as well as how to apply Hanen’s teaching methodology to their everyday clinical practice, including one-to-one therapy. The principles and practice of effective coaching of parents are addressed throughout the workshop. 

Why Take the It Takes Two to Talk® Workshop?


►Gain an effective teaching methodology based on the principles of adult education

To effectively involve parents in their child’s intervention, SLPs need to thoroughly understand the principles of adult education. In the It Takes Two to Talk workshop, parents are presented as adult learners with specific needs, goals, life experiences and knowledge. SLPs are trained in the Hanen teaching methodology that is based on practices known to be effective with adult learners. This methodology accommodates individual learning styles and facilitates parents’ application and generalization of strategies learned in the It Takes Two to Talk Program. As a Hanen-trained SLP you will be able to use Hanen’s teaching methodology to see results with every parent and family you work with. 

►Certification to lead an evidence-based, early language intervention program

The It Takes Two to Talk workshop certifies you to lead It Takes Two to Talk -- The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Language Delays to parents of children ages 5 and under. Developed by expert speech-language pathologists and continually updated with the latest research, the It Takes Two to Talk Program has been proven to have significant and positive effects on the language development of young children with language delays. The workshop includes all the materials you need to offer this evidence-based program to groups of families. 

In leading the It Takes Two to Talk Program, Hanen Certified SLPs help parents:

  • Recognize their child’s stage and style of communication and what motivates her/him to interact
  • Set communication and language goals (collaboratively with the SLP) and adjust goals as needed 
  • Understand the specific strategies that s/he needs to apply in order to facilitate the child's acquisition of the communication goals
  • Follow their child’s lead to facilitate increased participation in extended interactions
  • Adjust everyday and play routines to increase the child's ability to take turns
  • Add fine-tuned language to interactions to increase expressive and receptive language skills 
  • Adapt the way they play and read books with their child to facilitate the child's active participation in the activity, as well as to build language skills 

Read about the research and empirical evidence behind It Takes Two to Talk at the link below:

►Access to the It Takes Two to Talk® Parent Workbook for use in one-to-one therapy

It Takes Two to Talk can be applied flexibly to your one-to-one consultations with parents. The It Takes Two to Talk Parent Workbook is a member-only resource specifically designed for use with parents in one-to-one sessions. The workbook is used to educate parents about their child’s communication skills and interaction style, as well as to involve them in the goal-setting process. With guidance and coaching from the SLP, parents use the workbook to create an individualized intervention guide for their child, identifying the strategies they need to apply in order to facilitate their child’s achievement of communication goals.

►Earn professional development hours

This workshop is offered for 2.2 ASHA CEUs (Introductory Level, Professional Area) Full attendance and participation during the three days is required. As a prerequisite, there is an Individual Learning Component to be completed before participation in the workshop. This workshop focuses specifically on the It Takes Two to Talk® Program and associated resources and there will be limited or no information provided about similar products or services.

►Hanen license and membership: Ongoing opportunities to build your clinical skills

The It Takes Two to Talk workshop registration fee includes a one-year, renewable Hanen membership designed to continually develop your clinical skills. Membership benefits include access to further professional development opportunities, online trainings, online member meetings on clinical topics with senior Hanen clinical staff, continuous research updates, networking opportunities and member-only promotions. Since the license is bundled with the membership, you will need to renew your Hanen membership annually for a low fee in order to continue offering Hanen Programs. 

For more information on Hanen membership, click here.  

Taking the It Takes Two to Talk® Certification Workshop  

To take the next step toward effectively coaching parents to play a primary role in their child’s intervention, visit the Workshop Schedule to find training near you.