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It Takes Two to Talk® Certification Workshop for Speech-Language Pathologists

Achieving the best language outcomes for the children on your caseload includes involving and empowering the people who can make the biggest difference – parents and caregivers.

Research shows that with the right support, parents can be as effective or more effective than an SLP at helping their child learn language. They have the time and the opportunities to weave language support throughout the child’s day, every day. This means that your greatest impact as an SLP may not be in working directly with children, but in how well you can engage families to make early language intervention the natural, ongoing process that leads to the greatest success.

Your gateway to greater impact

The It Takes Two to Talk workshop provides you with the evidence-based program and parent coaching framework you need to see bigger gains and faster progress in the children on your caseload. You’ll learn proven methods that address the needs of parents as adult learners, as well as highly effective responsive-interaction strategies for facilitating the language development of children with language delays. 

Why Take the It Takes Two to Talk® Workshop?

► NEW! Online workshops

You now have the option to attend It Takes Two to Talk entirely online. The virtual training re-creates the in-person It Takes Two to Talk workshop experience using the Zoom videoconferencing platform. The online workshop is offered over three full days, with participants attending each day's session live with an instructor and fellow participants.

As with all Hanen workshops, attendees will be actively engaged with the instructor and the other participants throughout the training. Learning activities include a pre-workshop assignment with self-study components, followed by live online sessions facilitated by the instructor, which include small group activities with other participants.

Full attendance at all three days of the worskhop is required in order to obtain a licence to offer the It Takes Two to Talk program and use the materials.


►Gain an effective teaching methodology based on the principles of adult education

To effectively involve parents in their child’s intervention, SLPs need to thoroughly understand the principles of adult education. In the It Takes Two to Talk workshop, parents are presented as adult learners with specific needs, goals, life experiences and knowledge. SLPs are trained in the Hanen teaching methodology that is based on practices known to be effective with adult learners. This methodology accommodates individual learning styles and facilitates parents’ application and generalization of strategies learned in the It Takes Two to Talk Program. As a Hanen-trained SLP you will be able to use Hanen’s teaching methodology to see results with every parent and family you work with.

►Certification to lead an evidence-based, early language intervention program

The It Takes Two to Talk workshop certifies you to lead It Takes Two to Talk -- The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Language Delays to parents of children ages 5 and under. Developed by expert speech-language pathologists and continually updated with the latest research, the It Takes Two to Talk Program has been proven to have significant and positive effects on the language development of young children with language delays. The workshop includes all the materials you need to offer this evidence-based program to groups of families. An additional license can also be purchased to deliver a new modified version of this program via telepractice that has been optimized for online delivery. 

In leading the It Takes Two to Talk Program, Hanen Certified SLPs help parents:

  • Recognize their child’s stage and style of communication and what motivates her/him to interact
  • Set communication and language goals (collaboratively with the SLP) and adjust goals as needed 
  • Understand the specific strategies that s/he needs to apply in order to facilitate the child's acquisition of the communication goals
  • Follow their child’s lead to facilitate increased participation in extended interactions
  • Adjust everyday and play routines to increase the child's ability to take turns
  • Add fine-tuned language to interactions to increase expressive and receptive language skills 
  • Adapt the way they play and read books with their child to facilitate the child's active participation in the activity, as well as to build language skills 

Read about the research and empirical evidence behind It Takes Two to Talk at the link below:

► Get a license to offer Hanen Programs via telepractice

Now you can expand the way you provide intervention by offering Hanen Programs via telepractice! Modified and enhanced by Hanen's expert SLPs, the telepractice version of It Takes Two to Talk can reach more families than ever before.

With the telepractice license, professionals can offer It Takes Two to Talk completely online, which means there are no logistical worries regarding travel or location for you or the families you’re working with. The highly accessible format of Hanen Programs offered via telepractice inherently supports families in their natural home environment, without compromising on the results of the program.

Once you’ve completed the It Takes Two to Talk certification workshop, you will be eligible to obtain an additional telepractice license to run the program online. The telepractice model for It Takes Two to Talk has been developed and piloted to maintain the best-practice elements of Hanen Programs.

The telepractice program has been designed with resources to ensure SLPs have the best technical and clinical knowhow they need to offer this program. For a one-time fee of USD$34.95 for worldwide purchasers and CAD$39.49 for Canada (price includes HST of 13% for all provinces) per program, you will receive:  

  • a license to offer It Takes Two to Talk via telepractice. This license is renewed annually with your Hanen membership, at no additional cost.
  • step-by-step manuals and instructive guides to provide ongoing support to you while you are running the program.
  • modified program session slides that have been optimized for online delivery of the group program. 
  • training videos that show you what Hanen Programs offered via telepractice look like in action and help you prepare to offer the program online.

►Earn professional development hours

This workshop is offered for 2.15 ASHA CEUs (Introductory Level, Professional Area). Full attendance and participation during the three days is required. As a prerequisite, there is an Individual Learning Component to be completed before participation in the workshop. This workshop focuses specifically on the It Takes Two to Talk® Program and associated resources and there will be limited or no information provided about similar products or services.

►Hanen license and membership: Ongoing opportunities to build your clinical skills

The It Takes Two to Talk workshop registration fee includes a one-year, renewable Hanen membership designed to continually develop your clinical skills. Membership benefits include access to further professional development opportunities, online trainings, online member meetings on clinical topics with senior Hanen clinical staff, continuous research updates, networking opportunities and member-only promotions. Since the license is bundled with the membership, you will need to renew your Hanen membership annually for a low fee in order to continue offering Hanen Programs. 

For more information on Hanen membership, click here.  

Taking the It Takes Two to Talk® Certification Workshop  

To find an It Takes Two to Talk workshop that's convenient for you, take a look at the links below.