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Bring Hanen to your University

Each year, The Hanen Centre offers a limited number of complimentary presentations to speech-language pathology students and faculty at a select number of universities in Canada, the US and Australia. This presentation is part of Hanen’s student outreach initiative and is designed to expose students to the practicalities of involving parents in their child's early language intervention using the Hanen approach.

This 2.5 hour interactive presentation is offered by a Hanen Instructor and covers practical information that will help prepare students for working with parents of young children with language delay. The information includes:

  • An introduction to the evidence-based Hanen approach to early language intervention and its relation to "best practice"
  • An introduction to teaching parents – using adult education principles to facilitate parents’ application of responsive strategies to interactions with their child
  • A demonstration of how responsive strategies are taught to parents so they learn to apply them flexibly and across contexts
  • Information on the use of coaching and videotaping with feedback to facilitate parents’ consistent application of responsive strategies
  • A summary of efficacy studies on It Takes Two to Talk® - the Hanen Program® for parents of children with language delays

If you’d like to inquire about this free presentation, please email and ask about bringing Hanen to your school.