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Guidebooks and DVDs for Early Childhood Educators

The Hanen Centre offers several resources specifically designed for educators and caregivers who work in early childhood settings.

Based on the most current research in early childhood education, Hanen resources equip you with the practical knowledge, skills and tools you need to build strong language, early literacy and social skills in the children you work with.

Hanen offers the following resources to early childhood educators:

Language and literacy development

Learning Language and Loving It™ Guidebook and DVD

The Learning Language and Loving It guidebook is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide that helps educators create an enriched and inclusive environment that fosters the social, language and emergent literacy development of children from birth through kindergarten.

The guidebook’s three-pronged approach aimed at prevention, intervention and enrichment ensures that all children in the classroom benefit, including those who are falling behind.

The Learning Language and Loving It DVD, used on its own or as a companion to the guidebook, provides you with real-life video examples of educators using Learning Language and Loving It strategies in a variety of early childhood settings.

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Learning Language and Loving It™ Posters

Drawn from the Learning Language and Loving It™ Program for Early Childhood Educators, these colourful posters remind educators of key strategies for fostering the social, language and literacy development of young children (birth-5)

While not as comprehensive as Learning Language and Loving It, Teacher Talk workbooks do cover many of the key strategies from that resource. The workbooks include helpful checklists and questions with space for educators to record their own answers, enabling them to personalize each strategy.

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ABC and Beyond™: Building Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Settings

The ABC and Beyond guidebook focuses specifically on the promotion of emergent literacy skills in early childhood settings.

With the specific goal of preparing preschool children to learn to read and write successfully, ABC and Beyond provides educators with practical strategies for building vocabulary and making literacy-learning a fun and natural part of everyday conversations and activities.

Share this guidebook with educators to show them how to make literacy-learning a fun and natural part of every child's day.

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ABC and Beyond™ Posters

Drawn from the ABC and Beyond™ Program for Building Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Settings, these colourful posters remind educators of key strategies for building early literacy among preschoolers (3-5 years of age) during book reading.

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The 2019 Hanen Preschool Calendar

Research shows that children who start school with higher levels of language and literacy skills go on to have greater of academic success. Our 2019 Calendar offers 128 research-based tips for building the critical skills that prepare young children for school. You can use this resource to create rich language-learning classroom environments, and you can also share it with parents to help them promote language and literacy development at home.

Each month centers around a critical early language or literacy skill and includes a special section on increasing language and literacy support for young children with language delays.

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