Hanen Telepractice Programs

Are you looking to expand or strengthen your telepractice offerings to families?

The Hanen Centre has converted its evidence-based in-person programs into structured, easy-to-implement online programs. These programs provide increased flexibility to both the clinicians who offer them and the families who take them, making parent-led early language intervention more accessible than ever.

Who can offer Hanen telepractice programs?

All Hanen members are eligible to purchase a license to offer the program(s) they are certified in via telepractice. Speech-language pathologists and early childhood education consultants/trainers become Hanen members by taking a Hanen certification workshop.

What makes Hanen telepractice programs effective?

Our telepractice programs contain all the same content as our acclaimed, evidence-based in-person programs, maintaining the best practice elements Hanen is known for. These include:


  • Integration of principles of adult learning throughout the program
  • Group sessions that accommodate different learning styles
  • Evidence-based framework for providing video feedback
  • Parent-to-parent support

If you’re Hanen certified and would like to offer service virtually using your Hanen resources, choose your program at the bottom of this page to purchase your license.

If you are certified in Learning Language and Loving It™, learn more about the online program license you are eligible for. 

     Elaine Weitzman, Hanen Executive Director, talks about telepractice

Highlights about Hanen Telepractice Programs
  • SLPs can deliver the same evidence-based program in an online format
  • Hanen Programs offered via Telepractice duplicate the essential ingredients of Hanen’s in-person programs, including interactive group sessions that integrate best practices in adult education, parent-to-parent support and video feedback sessions
  • Telepractice programs make it easy for you to work with families in their home environments
  • You’re able to reach a broader audience with no travel time or space constraints (note: you must abide by any applicable licensing regulations when offering service to clients outside of your jurisdiction). All you need is an internet connection and videoconferencing software to connect with your group
  • For members with Target Word certification and a Target Word 1:1 license, the Target Word Telepractice license allows you to offer both the group and 1:1 Program via Telepractice to parents

Your Hanen Telepractice license

If your Hanen membership is current, you are eligible to obtain a Telepractice license to offer the Hanen Programs you are certified in. The one-time fee is $34.95 per program.

The telepractice license includes:

  • Access to the Telepractice Manual, which includes guidance regarding leading a group online, as well as session modifications and technology requirements
  • Downloadable session slides modified for telepractice
  • Downloadable fillable forms for you and the parents


It Takes Two to Talk®
More Than Words®

Target Word™
Learning Language and Loving It™
ABC and Beyond™
I'm Ready!™
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