ABC and Beyond™ Workshop


Available formats:

It Takes Two to Talk®, More Than Words® OR Learning Language and Loving It™ certification and current Hanen membership

PD hours or credits:
1.4 ASHA CEUs / 14 PD hours



About this workshop

Supporting emergent literacy skills is a critical component of setting young children on the path to success. If you train or consult to early childhood educators or preschool teachers, Hanen’s online ABC and Beyond™ Advanced Workshop can provide you with a comprehensive and flexible approach to ensuring the best possible emergent literacy support in early childhood settings.

At an ABC and Beyond workshop, you learn an evidence-based framework for engaging and coaching educators to create literacy-rich experiences that have far-reaching benefits for all children in the classroom. You’ll help them integrate responsive interaction strategies into their everyday conversations and book reading to promote the emergent literacy skills that lay the foundation for school success:
  1. Oral language
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Story comprehension
  4. Language of learning
  5. Print knowledge
  6. Phonological awareness

Workshop components

Part 1 – Pre-workshop assignment
Before the training, you'll complete an assignment in which you learn about the research that informs and supports the ABC and Beyond program.

Part 2 – Live, interactive online training
ABC and Beyond is a highly interactive online workshop offered over five 3-hour sessions. You’ll participate in discussions and small group activities as a Hanen instructor guides you through the process of teaching adults in the context of an ABC and Beyond Program, as well as in the context of your everyday work with educators. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice each component of the teaching process, and to discuss and reflect on the practice activities with group members and the instructor.
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Note on attendance: All Hanen workshops require participants to attend all days of the workshop in full, as indicated on the workshop registration page. Full attendance and participation is required in order to be awarded certification and a license to offer the ABC and Beyond Program.

What’s included

This workshop certifies you to:
    1. Lead ABC and Beyond™ — The Hanen Program® for Building Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Settings

    ABC and Beyond is an evidence-based Hanen program for educators of preschool-aged children (3—5). Drawing on the most current research in the development of emergent literacy, this program teaches educators practical strategies that can be easily integrated into daily, naturalistic interactions to promote the specific early literacy skills that prepare children for reading and writing. Like all Hanen programs, ABC and Beyond accommodates all learning styles and ensures that educators are actively engaged in the learning, helping them use the strategies consistently and flexibly in their everyday work in the classroom.

    Learn more about the program
    Read the research behind the program

    2. Offer the program in a variety of flexible delivery models

    You’ll have the option to choose from a variety of delivery models to select the one that best meets the needs of your organization. For example, you may provide a partial program consisting of select topics that will benefit a particular group of educators and children most.

    3. Obtain a license to offer ABC and Beyond online

    You’ll have access to an additional license to offer the program to educators online. The online version of ABC and Beyond maintains all the best practice elements of Hanen’s programs, including discussion and practice opportunities.

    Learn more about the online license

    4. Enhance your individual consultations with educators

    You can use the strategies, as well as the program resources (for example, videos showing strategies in use) to enhance your one-to-one consultations and trainings.

Practical materials
Once certified, you’ll gain access to the following online resources:

ABC and Beyond Making Hanen Happen Leaders Guide
A session-by-session guide to leading the program, including handouts for use in both the program and one-to-one contexts.

ABC and Beyond PowerPoint slides
Presentation slides for each session of the program, including real-life video examples of ABC and Beyond strategies being used by educators in a variety of early childhood settings and with a variety of children.
ABC and Beyond Online Member Resource Centre
A hub of online resources to further refine your work and facilitate your integration of ABC and Beyond into your practice.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Lead ABC and Beyond – The Hanen Program® for Building Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Settings, selecting from a variety of flexible training delivery models.
  • Utilize principles of adult education to provide teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to create optimal learning environments to support the development of emergent literacy.
  • Plan and conduct interactive group sessions in the ABC and Beyond Program.
  • Assess teacher-child interactions in terms of teachers’ application the ABC and Beyond strategies and provide constructive, informative feedback to teachers to facilitate generalization of strategy use.
  • Integrate ABC and Beyond strategies into one-on-one consultations with educators.
  • Evaluate interactions in terms of application of responsive strategies using the Teacher Interaction and Language Rating Scale.


“Without a doubt the best professional development opportunity that I have engaged in. Hanen structures the programs to be very easily delivered and unambiguous which provides educators with a road map of strategies to implement into their early childhood programs.”

“I found the workshop really valuable and I now feel much more qualified and inspired to support educators in early childhood with literacy development. The strategies are practical and realistic which is great.”

“A very useful and engaging approach to embedding early literacy into our centres. I know my teachers are seeking a framework and guide to support children's emergent literacy, encourage all children to reach their potential, inform the families, and to collaborate with the schools as fellow professionals.”


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