If you’re an I’m Ready!™ certified Hanen member, and you’re looking for more virtual options to support families, an I’m Ready! Online Program license can help.

This license gives you the option to offer the I’m Ready! Program entirely online while maintaining all the best practice principles of the in-person program.

What's Included

The I’m Ready! Online License includes:

  • An introduction guide with guidance for leading a group online
  • A separate Leaders Guide specifically for the online program  
  • Session slides optimized for online delivery
  • Digital, fillable forms for you and the participants
  • Access to a pre-recorded orientation session and pre-program questionnaire
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 What’s Different in the Online Program

To accommodate online delivery, the virtual program includes the following elements:
  • The addition of three individual video feedback sessions – Instead of providing feedback to the parent in the live practice as in the in-person program, the Program Leader captures a video online in real time and engages the parent in a feedback discussion immediately after the recording.
  • Longer group sessions – More time is allotted for traditional practice (e.g. through role play) during the sessions because the live practice component has been removed.
  • Required pre-program video recording – This is required in the online program to demonstrate how the parents are reading to their children before the program and how their children are participating in the reading.
  • Pre-program questionnaire – Along with the Reading Checklist that’s also included in the in-person program, parents will fill out a questionnaire before the start of the program to provide important information about their child.
  • Orientation session – The Program Leader offers an orientation session specific to the online program in one of two ways:
  1. Use the provided slides and Session Outline to offer an online live session to individual parents or a group of parents.
  2. Have parents watch a recorded video accessed through a provided link.

Technology requirements

To offer the I’m Ready! Online Program, group leaders will need the following equipment:
  • A computer, iPad or a tablet (smartphones and cell phones do not have a large enough screen)
  • Webcam and microphone
  • High speed internet
  • Email access
  • Adobe reader (free download)
  • Printer (if you want to print out the handouts)

Getting Your Online License

You can purchase your license online for a one-time fee of $34.95 USD for worldwide purchasers and CAD $39.49 for Canada (price includes HST). Once purchased, your online program materials will appear on your I’m Ready! Program Resources page when logged into the member website.

Get your online program license

Not certified in I'm Ready! yet?

The I’m Ready! workshop is open to any current Hanen member with It Takes Two to Talk®, More Than Words® or Learning Language and Loving It™ certification.

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