If you plan to work with young children, Hanen can help you prepare for one of the most important parts of your role – effectively engaging and involving parents in their child’s intervention.

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Student Subsidy for It Takes Two to Talk®

The Hanen Centre offers new graduates the chance to apply for a $200.00 subsidy toward the registration fee for any It Takes Two to Talk workshop.


To qualify for the subsidy, you must: 
  • meet the eligibility requirements to attend an It Takes Two to Talk workshop.
  • provide proof of graduation – either a copy of your diploma or a letter from your educational institution stating that your graduation has been approved.
  • apply before the start of the workshop you plan to attend.
  • apply within two years of your graduation date.
How to Apply

Fill out the Registration Form
and email it to [email protected].

If awarded the subsidy, you will need to use it within 6 months.

Why take It Takes Two to Talk?

The It Takes Two to Talk workshop offers an evidence-based parent coaching framework that you can put into practice right away to maximize the language outcomes of the children on your caseload. Attended by over 30,000 SLPs around the world, this workshop shows you the most effective ways to build parents’ competence and confidence so that they can make their child’s intervention an ongoing process.

When you take It Takes Two to Talk, you get:
  • a proven teaching methodology and coaching framework for effectively involving parents in early language intervention
  • a set of research-based responsive interaction strategies known to accelerate children’s language learning
  • certification to lead It Takes Two to Talk® – The Hanen Program for Parents of Children with Language Delays and to use It Takes Two to Talk materials in one-to-one therapy
  • a one-year, renewable Hanen membership with access to exclusive member benefits

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