Our Global Reach

The Hanen Centre has become an internationally renowned presence in the field of early language intervention. We have trained professionals from over 50 countries, and we continue to develop international partnerships in order to reach as many children as possible.

Hanen workshops are offered around the world to speech-language pathologists/therapists to enable them to implement the Hanen approach in their own communities. Worldwide, over 25,000 speech-language pathologists/therapists have been trained in the Hanen approach.

Specially trained Hanen Instructors from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and The Netherlands travel widely to provide this training.

To meet an ever-growing demand, we continue to translate our learning materials into various languages. Our beautifully illustrated parent guidebooks are now used in more than 100 countries by parents, speech-language pathologists and other professionals.

Visit the Hanen Online Store to find out more about our resources and the translations currently available.