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Every month at Hanen, we share a set of fun language and literacy-building tips for you to use during everyday interactions with young children. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or clinician who works with families, these research-based tips can help you build the best possible foundation for language and literacy success.

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Find Times to Talk Throughout the Day

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Did you know?

To have the best possible start in school, children need a solid foundation of early language and literacy skills. These are the skills that prepare children to read, write, and use the kind of language they’ll be expected to use in school.

The research says:
  • Children who start school with higher levels of language and literacy go on to have higher levels of academic success.
  • Children learn these skills best during language-rich everyday interactions about the things that interest them.
  • Parents and early childhood educators play a critical role in fostering the kinds of interactions that help children learn.

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Find Times to Talk Throughout the Day

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