Learning Language and Loving It Workshop



Available formats:

Speech-language Pathologist or Early Childhood Education Consultant/Trainer

PD hours or credits:
21.5 PD hours / 2.15 ASHA CEUs


About this workshop

The Learning Language and Loving It™ Certification Workshop provides you with an effective framework for empowering educators to create the kinds of enriched language-learning environments that help children learn best.

You’ll discover how to help educators promote the social, language, and literacy development of young children (birth to five) using responsive interaction strategies that help all children learn, whether they’re typically developing, have or are at risk for language delays, or are second-language learners.

Workshop Highlights  
  • Highly interactive and personalized training in a small group setting.
  • Newly updated program materials based on the most current research and including video examples that reflect today’s diverse audiences and educational environments.
  • An evidence-based coaching framework that keeps educators actively engaged in the learning, maximizing their ability to both understand and effectively apply their learning during everyday routines and activities with children.
  • A set of concrete, responsive interaction strategies that are known to promote children’s social, language and emergent literacy development, including:
    • Child-oriented strategies – encourage children to initiate and engage in conversational interactions so that educators can respond in ways that encourage the child’s continued engagement in the interaction.
    • Interaction-promoting strategies – encourage extended individual and group conversations between adults and children.
    • Language-modelling strategies – expand the child’s oral language skills and facilitate the development of vocabulary and decontextualized language.

Workshop components

Part 1 – Pre-workshop Assignment
Your learning begins on your own before the live online group sessions. You’ll complete an assignment to learn about the foundation of the Hanen approach as well as the key principles of adult education, and you’ll familiarize yourself with the content of the Learning Language and Loving It program.

Part 2 – Online, interactive training
In a small online group, you'll participate in a series of highly interactive and personalized learning sessions. Each session includes discussion opportunities and small group activities with other participants. Your Hanen instructor will guide you through the process of training educators in the context of a Learning Language and Loving It Program in a way that encourages lasting, meaningful changes in their interactions with children. You’ll practice and reflect on parts of the teaching process within small groups and receive feedback from your peers and the instructor.

Learning Language and Loving It Workshop Agenda

Note on attendance:
All Hanen Certification Workshops require participants to attend the full three days of the workshop, as indicated on the workshop registration page. Full attendance and participation is required in order to be awarded certification and a license to offer the Learning Language and Loving It Program.

What’s included

This workshop certifies you to:
    1. Lead the Learning Language and Loving It Program for Early Childhood Educators 
    This intensive, evidence-based program supports educators to adopt the kinds of responsive-interaction strategies that are most powerful in building language, literacy and social skills. It includes a combination of small group learning sessions and individual video feedback sessions. 

    Learn more about the program

    Read the research behind the program
    2. Use Learning Language and Loving It program materials in one-to-one contexts
    You can apply all the program materials and activities to your one-to-one coaching sessions with educators. 

    3. Obtain a license to offer Learning Language and Loving It online 
    For a nominal fee, you’ll have access to an additional license to offer the program to educators online. The online version of Learning Language and Loving It maintains all the best practice elements of Hanen’s programs, including discussion and practice opportunities.

    4. Obtain a Teacher Talk license
    Teacher Talk is a flexible series of shorter trainings that introduce educators to the key strategies of the Learning Language and Loving It program.  A Teacher Talk license qualifies you to offer these trainings both in person and online. Learn more about Teacher Talk.

Practical materials
Once certified, you will gain access to:

Learning Language and Loving It Making Hanen Happen Leaders Guide
A session-by-session guide to leading the program, including handouts for use in both program and one-to-one contexts.

Learning Language and Loving It PowerPoint slides
Newly updated presentation slides for the entire program, including real-life video examples of Learning Language and Loving It strategies used in a variety of early childhood settings with a variety of children and educators.

Teacher Interaction and Language Rating Scale 
A useful video observation rating tool to evaluate educators' use of the Learning Language and Loving It strategies before and after the program. 

Learning Language and Loving It Online Member Resource Centre
Take advantage of resources that provide opportunities to refresh or refine your practice – e.g. live or recorded online member meetings; program delivery support; discounts on e-Seminars; translated program materials. 

One-year Hanen Membership
Your workshop registration fee includes a one-year, renewable Hanen membership designed to offer continuous clinical support and learning opportunities. Benefits include: 
  • An exclusive member newsletter that breaks down current research and its application to working with families and educators
  • Access to a large library of member-only content where you can find research-based articles and videos on the topics that matter to you
  • Online member meetings on a variety of topics with Program Directors and senior clinical staff
  • Exclusive member discounts on e-Seminars 
  • Access to member-only products, promotions and professional development opportunities
  • The chance to connect and share ideas with a worldwide community of Hanen-trained professionals.
  • Direct consultation with Program Directors
  • Learning objectives

Learning objectives 

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Provide effective, state-of-the-art group training to educators through Learning Language and Loving It – The Hanen Program® for Early Childhood Educators/Teachers, which integrates the principles of language facilitation with a child centered approached to early childhood education.
  • Lead Learning Language and Loving It – The Hanen Program® for Early Childhood Educators/Teachers, which addresses prevention of language delays, early language intervention and language enrichment in early childhood settings.
  • Provide educators with strategies to promote social, language and literacy development in one-to-one and group interactions with children who are typically developing, are second language learners, have language delays, or are at risk for language delay.
  • Help educators create enriched, interactive language-learning environments in play and daily routines.
  • Utilize principles of adult education to provide teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to create optimal language learning environments for all children.
  • Plan and conduct interactive group sessions in the Learning Language and Loving It Program.
  • Assess videos of teacher-child interactions in terms of teachers’ application of responsive strategies and provide constructive, informative feedback to teachers to facilitate generalization of strategy use.
  • Evaluate videos of interactions in terms of application of responsive strategies using the Teacher Interaction and Language Rating Scale.

Watch our short video to see the impact you can have when you support educators with Learning Language and Loving It.


"I attend a lot of trainings and was SO IMPRESSED by every aspect of this one. I loved the pre-workshop activities, the materials were well organized, rich and useful.”

"This training was definitely one of the best I have done. I’ve learned so much about children’s communication and language styles as well as adult learning styles."

“The course was delivered via zoom and it was absolutely fine as we were able to share ideas and experience with others, and the breakout groups were great for discussion and learning from each other."


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