Guidebooks and DVDs for Parents

The Hanen Centre’s resources for parents are designed to help you make the most of your child’s early learning potential to help him build the strongest possible language, social, and early literacy skills.

These research-based guidebooks and DVDs help you extend your child’s learning into every part of the day in ways that are both natural and fun.

Language Delays

It Takes Two to Talk® Guidebook and DVD

Designed specifically for parents of children with language delays, the It Takes Two to Talk guidebook and DVD show you practical ways for turning everyday activities in to rich learning opportunities for your child to help them build strong language skills.

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Make Play R.O.C.K.™ Booklet Series

This three-part booklet series is designed specifically for parents of young children on the autism spectrum or who have other communication difficulties to help them promote their child’s play skills during everyday interactions and play activities. Each booklet focuses on one critical aspect of play (people play, early toy play and pretend play) and shows parents how they can effectively promote their child’s skills while having fun together.

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More Than Words® Guidebook and DVD

Designed to help parents of children on the autism spectrum address their child’s specific needs, the More Than Words guidebook and companion DVD equip you with practical strategies for building your child’s communication and social skills during everyday routines and play. You'll learn how to increase your child's understanding of language, encourage better social communication, and help them engage in extended back-and-forth interactions.

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TalkAbility™ Guidebook

The TalkAbility™ guidebook helps you support the special language abilities and social skills that lead to more successful conversations and relationships. You learn strategies you can apply to everyday routines and interactions to deepen your child's understanding of language and social cues, and to help them have more extended conversations with adults and peers. These research-based strategies also help to deepen your understanding of your child's perspective and build on their unique strengths and interests to help them learn in ways that are natural and fun.

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Language and literacy development
in typically developing children

I’m Ready!™ guidebook
How to Prepare Your Child for Reading Success

Studies have shown that children who start school with higher levels of early literacy skills have greater academic success. Based on the latest research in early literacy development, I’m Ready! shows you simple, easy-to-use strategies for turning any daily routine or activity into an opportunity to build your child’s early literacy skills and prepare them for success in school.

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You Make The Difference® Guidebook and DVD

You Make the Difference focuses on the importance of the parent-child relationship in helping parents build the best possible foundations for their child’s learning. Parents discover simple things they can do to build their child’s confidence during everyday interactions by sharing in the child’s experiences and giving them opportunities to take the lead.

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