More Than Words® Workshop

Available formats:

Speech-language pathologist/therapist.

15 participants

PD hours or credits:
22 PD hours/ 2.20 ASHA CEUs


About this workshop

Are you looking for an effective autism service model that includes parent involvement?  

The More Than Words® workshop offers a clear and evidence-based framework for zeroing in on the specific communication needs of young children on the autism spectrum or who have social communication difficulties. You’ll learn a naturalistic, family-centered approach that empowers parents to support their child’s communication during everyday interactions. Whether you offer More Than Words® programs to parents or work one-to-one with children and their families, you’ll have the complete set of skills and resources to make early intervention the shared, ongoing effort that makes the biggest difference for children.

Workshop Highlights  
  • Training by the world leader in parent-implemented intervention
  • Interactive and personalized learning in a small group  
  • Practice and discussion opportunities that maximize your learning
  • Practical strategies for building children’s social communication skills naturally throughout the day
  • Easy-to-use resources to put what you learn into practice right away

Learning objectives

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Describe the current research on prevalence, biology and diagnosis of children on the autism spectrum
  • Describe current intervention approaches for children on the autism spectrum and how More Than Words integrates principles of best practice
  • Select appropriate communication goals for individual children on the autism spectrum based on assessment of the child’s social and communication skills
  • Apply principles of adult education to provide parents with the training, information and support they need to become their child’s primary communication facilitator
  • Teach parents to apply communication facilitation strategies that are specifically adapted to the individual needs of their child flexibly and across contexts
  • Assess recorded parent-child interactions and provide personalized coaching and feedback in order to facilitate parents’ application of program strategies within everyday interactions with their child
  • Lead More Than Words – The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Workshop components

Part 1 – Pre-workshop Assignment
Before the training, you'll complete an assignment to prepare you for full participation in the workshop. You’ll learn about the foundation of the Hanen approach, familiarize yourself with key principles of adult education, and start thinking about how the content may apply to a particular child on your caseload.


Part 2 – Virtual, interactive training
In a small online group, you'll participate in a series of highly interactive and personalized learning sessions. Each session includes discussion opportunities and small group activities with other participants as your Hanen instructor guides you through the process of teaching parents in the context of both a More Than Words Program and your everyday clinical practice. You’ll be able to practice and reflect on parts of the teaching process within small groups and receive feedback from your peers and the instructor.

View the More Than Words workshop agenda

Note on attendance: All Hanen Certification Workshops require participants to attend the full three days of the workshop, as indicated on the workshop registration page. Full attendance and participation is required in order to be awarded certification and a license to offer the More Than Words Program.

What’s included

This workshop certifies you to:
  1. Lead the evidence-based More Than Words Program for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum

    With your support, parents learn how to accommodate their child’s sensory preferences, provide the structure and predictability that help their child learn, and integrate the strategies that support their child’s social interaction and communication into everyday activities and routines.

    Learn more about the program
    Read the research behind the program
  2. Use More Than Words program materials in one-to-one contexts

    This workshop shows you how to apply the Hanen teaching method and resources to your everyday clinical practice to support every family on your caseload.

  4. Obtain a license to offer More Than Words via telepractice

    Once you've completed the More Than Words workshop, you can obtain an additional license for a nominal fee and offer the program to families via telepractice. The telepractice version of More Than Words maintains the best practice elements of Hanen programs while increasing accessibility of the program to families.

Practical materials
Once certified, you will gain access to:

More Than Words Making Hanen Happen Leaders Guide
A session-by-session guide to leading the program, including handouts and checklists for use in both program and one-to-one contexts.

More Than Words PowerPoint slides
Presentation slides for the entire program, including real-life video examples of More Than Words strategies to enhance parents' learning experience.

More Than Words Member Resource Page
Take advantage of clinical resources that provide opportunities to refresh or refine your clinical practice – e.g. practice using the More Than Words Assessment Protocol; online member meetings; free e-Seminars

One-year Hanen Membership
Your workshop registration fee includes a one-year, renewable Hanen membership designed to offer continuous clinical support and learning opportunities.

Benefits of membership include:
  • An exclusive member newsletter that breaks down current research and its application to working with families of children with language delays
  • Access to a large library of member-only articles where you can find research-based information on the topics that matter to you
  • Exclusive member discounts on e-Seminars  
  • Access to member-only products, promotions and professional development opportunities
  • The chance to connect and share ideas with a worldwide community of Hanen-trained professionals.
  • Complimentary online member meetings on a variety of clinical topics with Program Directors and senior clinical staff
  • Direct consultation with Program Directors


"The best PD I have ever done. Incredible how much info we covered in 3 days and at the same time I feel confident that I know how to use it."

"I am eager to implement these strategies and run a program this fall. It was very organized, enlightening, and informative, and I appreciate how I now have a good structure moving forward. I look forward to using the resources in one-on-one sessions as well."

"It was one of the most engaging and insightful workshops/professional development courses that I've done. I'm a new grad and this offered me everything that I could ever want to get started, especially as I work a lot with clients with ASD."

"I learned so much... I appreciate having all the materials ready for me to use with explicit directions on how to implement until I become more familiar with it."


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