It Takes Two to Talk® Parent Workbook (member-only resource)

Strengthen your collaboration with families and provide the best possible early intervention for each child with the It Takes Two to Talk® Parent Workbook.

This highly practical tool maximizes the effectiveness of your one-to-one and small group family-focused sessions by: 

  • Providing you with... a structured, easy-to-use tool to help you talk to and actively involve parents in their child's early language intervention.
  • Providing parents with... an individualized tool to help them understand their child's communication, participate in goal-setting, and plan how they will actively help their child learn.  

Workbook highlights include:

  • Observation guides to help you increase parents’ awareness and understanding of what their child can do now ─ and what they can expect him to do next.
  • Checklists to help you involve the parent in establishing goals in the area of interaction, language, play and book skills.
  • Strategy pages to help you explain and guide parents about what they can do support their child’s goals.  
  • Home Plans to help you actively involve parents by encouraging them to plan how they will use specific strategies during everyday activities and routines with their child.
  • Reflection & Wrap Up pages to give you ideas for how you can talk to parents to encourage them to reflect on changes in themselves and in their child over the course of intervention.



Ways you can use the parent workbook

  1. In one-to-one coaching sessions with families
    Whether in the home or at the clinic, you can maximize the effectiveness of your one-to-one sessions with a structured, individualized workbook for each family.
  2. In small parent-child playgroups
    If you offer small group sessions with parents and children, the workbook is a great way for parents to record their observations, have a quick reference to the strategies, and take home a practical plan for continuing to help their child. 


Hear it from your fellow members!

Listen to a member chat on how others have used the workbook to support their clinical practice.  


Which children will benefit from the It Takes Two to Talk Parent Workbook?

The workbook is specifically designed to be used with children with language delays who have intentional communication — i.e., who are at one the following Hanen stages of communication:

  • Communicator
  • First Words User
  • Combiner


What Hanen members are saying about the workbook...

“[The workbook] allows us to respond to the individual needs of the parents and focus on the areas that are most relevant for their child.”

“[The workbook] provides parents with clear goals and shows them what to do to support these goals during interactions with their child within simple, everyday situations.”

“I would highly recommend this resource to SLPs working with parents using a child-centered approach”. 

Bonus resources  

Child and Parent Observation Form

You’ll use the observation form to help you choose goals for the child and select appropriate strategies to teach the parents so they can support their child’s goals. By using this evaluation tool before and after intervention, you can identify changes in the child’s interaction and language skills, as well as changes in the parent’s use of responsive strategies. Your observations will be qualitative as this is not a standardized tool yet.

View the Child and Parent Observation Form
How-to Guide

The It Takes Two to Talk Parent Workbook comes with a short, easy-to-use guide, highlighting important things for you to keep in mind as you teach the content in each section, as well as a specific structure for you to try out with families on your caseload.

View the How to Guide


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