Hanen for Professionals

To achieve its mission of empowering parents and caregivers to foster the early language and social communication development of young children, The Hanen Centre provides training and support to professionals who work with children and their families.

Hanen has developed several professional development workshops, programs and resources for the following groups of professionals:

Speech-Language Pathologists

The Hanen Centre offers certification workshops and resources for speech-language pathologists, which equip them to effectively train and support parents of young children with language delays or disorders.

Hanen workshops and resources are divided into the following areas of expertise. Choose your area of interest to learn more:

Early Childhood Educators

Recognizing the important role that early childhood educators play in promoting children’s early language, literacy and social communication development, The Hanen Centre has developed an evidence-based in-service education program specifically for early childhood professionals.

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Early Childhood Education (ECE) Consultants/Trainers

The Hanen Centre has designed a specialized “Train-the-Trainer” workshop, as well as several evidence-based resources, to help ECE trainers and consultants in their work with educators and child care providers.

Hanen’s early childhood resources provide a proven approach to fostering the language, social and literacy skills of all children, including those with delays. The Learning Language and Loving It™ workshop equips trainers and consultants with the most effective tools for disseminating this evidence-based approach to educators and helping them create enriched, interactive language learning environments.

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Healthcare Professionals

There are many other groups of professionals whose impact on the communication development of young children is significant. Healthcare professionals including paediatricians, psychologists, early interventionists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists (among others) have found Hanen resources extremely helpful in their work with young children and their families.

As a healthcare professional, you may come into contact with children who have language delays, children on the autism spectrum, or children whose language skills are developing typically. Whatever the communication needs of the population you work with, Hanen’s specialized resources can provide you with an effective approach for helping them build the strong language and social skills they need, and for supporting those children’s parents to do the same.

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