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ABC and Beyond-I'm Ready! Combo

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The ABC and Beyond-I’m Ready! combo offers a complete package for building the emergent literacy skills of young children.  Together, these highly practical guidebooks help to create continuity between literacy-building activities in the classroom and literacy-building activities in the home.

Bringing to life the most current research on promoting emergent literacy, ABC and Beyond shows educators how they can build language and literacy learning naturally into book reading and everyday conversations and activities in the classroom.

I’m Ready! is tailored specifically to families to help them build the early literacy skills that prepare their child for school success. Written in straightforward language and filled with examples and photos of home situations with which parents can easily identify, I’m Ready! supports parents to extend their child’s literacy-learning into every part of the day.

Both guidebooks contain colour photos, concrete examples and helpful “Try it Out” sections at the end of each chapter to guide parents and educators in nurturing these critical building blocks of literacy:  vocabulary, story comprehension, decontextualized (abstract) language, print knowledge and phonological awareness.

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