Pre-workshop Assignment Details
Learning Language and Loving It™ Certification Workshop

The Pre-workshop Assignment for the Learning Language and Loving It™ Certification Workshop consists of two sections.

Section  #1 (Approximately 1 hour to complete)

Through completing this interactive online module, participants will learn about:
  • the theoretical framework that underlies what and how participants learn in all Hanen Programs
  • how this framework relates to designing an effective learning environment for parents or educators based on principles of adult learning
  • how Kolb’s (1984) four learning styles  affect the learning of Hanen Program participants
  • how an  individual learner’s  knowledge, experiences, values and beliefs  affect the learner’s approach to the learning experience
  • how the Hanen teaching methodology, titled the "4P Teaching-Learning Cycle,”  facilitates learning and behavior change by addressing individual learning styles and characteristics

Section  #2 (Takes approximately 21/2 - 3 hours, and may be completed over several sittings)

Through completing 7 modules, participants will learn about specific content drawn from the Learning Language and Loving It Program.

Module 1 consists of two brief introductory videos.

Modules 2-7 include:

  • on-screen readings.
  • video examples featuring educators applying Learning Language and Loving It strategies.
  • questions for you to consider about the videos.
  • click-and-reveal sections that allow you to compare your answers to what is discussed in Learning Language and Loving It.
  • reflection questions that encourage you to apply each module’s content to educators and children you have observed or worked with. You will then have an opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences at the live workshop. 
The multi-day live workshop will address:
  • issues relevant to providing professional development to educators
  • how to deliver the Learning Language and Loving It Program to successfully change how educators interact with children