Your greatest impact lies ahead.

Take the next step at a Hanen workshop.

If you’ve been thinking about attending a Hanen workshop, it’s because you believe that greater impact is always worth striving for. It’s because you know a professional journey isn’t a flat road, but a series of opportunities to elevate your work and to champion what you believe in.  

When you become Hanen Certified, you gain the skills and the confidence to fully engage and coach parents so your influence transcends the clinic and touches every part of the child’s life. You become a bridge not only to the best language outcomes for the child but to deeper connection and greater joy for every family on your caseload. 

What does it mean to be Hanen Certified?

You hold a respected certification that sets you apart.

You use the evidence-based tools and best practice techniques required to make parent-implemented early language intervention succeed.

You demonstrate in your everyday work a commitment, passion and expertise in involving families to make the biggest difference.

What is it like to attend a Hanen certification workshop?

At the workshop…

After the workshop…
  • An experienced Hanen instructor leads you through interactive, hands-on learning sessions that build your skills and confidence on the spot.
  • The online format makes it easy to attend, while practice and discussion opportunities engage and inspire you the whole way through.
  • A small group environment ensures that you have the chance to actively participate and have the best possible learning experience. 
  • You’re fully equipped with practical, manualized tools you can apply right away.
  • You can use your new materials in the context of a Hanen program, as well as in your 1-1 sessions with parents and children.
  • You have a valuable Hanen membership designed to continually support your professional growth and your use of Hanen strategies and materials.
  • You have opportunities to further expand your use of the Hanen approach, including telepractice options.


To make attending a workshop easier, we offer: 
  • Online trainings in a variety of times zones
  • Flexible payment options
  • Student subsidies and student-only workshops
  • Group rates and staff-only workshops
  • Extended, slower-paced workshops for multilingual SLPs
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Certification Workshops

It Takes Two to Talk®
More Than Words®
Learning Language and Loving It
Coach parents of children with language delays to facilitate their child’s language development during enjoyable, everyday interactions.

2.15 ASHA CEUs

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Coach parents of young autistic children to facilitate their child's social communication skills in everyday contexts.

2.20 ASHA CEUs

Learn more about the workshop

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Train and engage educators to create the enriched early learning environments that build children’s language, literacy and social skills.

2.15 ASHA CEUs

Learn more about the workshop

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What participants have said… 

“This workshop was worth every penny! So glad I finally took it. I've learned so many practical strategies to improve my skills in parent education and training.”
                It Takes Two to Talk® workshop participant 

"The best PD I have ever done. Incredible how much info we covered in 3 days and at the same time I feel confident that I know how to use it."
                 More Than Words® workshop participant  

"I attend a lot of trainings and was SO IMPRESSED by every aspect of this one. I loved the pre-workshop activities, the materials were well organized, rich and useful.”
                 Learning Language and Loving It workshop participant

We’re eager to welcome you to our community of over
10,000 Hanen Certified SLPs around the world.

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