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Are you looking for support in preparing your students to work effectively with parents?

The Hanen Centre offers a number of outstanding resources and evidence-based programs that can help you expand your students’ knowledge of how best to involve parents in early language intervention.


Guidebook and DVD Resources

Hanen guidebooks and DVDs are invaluable tools for bringing research to life in the classroom, demonstrating how specific responsive interaction strategies facilitate the communication development of young children.

If you’re interested in using a Hanen guidebook as required reading, you may be eligible for a complimentary copy. Please email to [email protected] for more information.

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Bring a Hanen Presentation to Your School

As part of its student outreach program, The Hanen Centre offers a limited number of complimentary presentations to universities in North America and Australia. Offered by Hanen instructors, this engaging presentation introduces students and faculty to our unique approach to empowering parents to become their child’s primary language facilitator.

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Hanen Certification

When you attend one of Hanen’s 3-day certification workshops, you gain a proven teaching methodology and coaching framework for involving parents or educators to achieve optimal language outcomes for young children.

You also become certified to offer a Hanen Program for parents or educators, and can involve a limited number of students in the program as part of their clinical practicum.

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What faculty members have said about involving students in It Takes Two to Talk® ─ The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Language Delays...

“Involving students in a Hanen Program helped me achieve two important objectives: 1. Helping students gain social interaction strategies they can use when providing early intervention, and 2. Helping students gain skills they can use to empower parents (a sense of the mediator model – both what it feels like from the parent perspective and the skill sets they can use while administering this model).”

“This is the only clinical practice in our training program that truly focuses on working with families. The practicum experience has gotten good press in our program through word of mouth so that several graduate student clinicians now approach me to inquire about the possibility of their involvement in a Hanen Program. Leading the program continues to be a positive experience for me professionally and personally.”

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