Early Childhood Education Students

As an early childhood educator, you’ll play a critical role in capitalizing on the window of opportunity each child has to build early language and literacy skills.

Here are some ways Hanen can help prepare you for creating the kinds of classroom environments that promote language literacy learning best:


Hanen e-Seminars

These 2-hour online training sessions equip you with immediately usable tools and strategies for fostering children’s language and early literacy development during daily routines and play:

Making Book Reading a Time for Interaction and Conversation
Gain concrete strategies for sharing books with children in ways that promote developmentally appropriate emergent literacy skills, such as joint attention, narrative comprehension, and literal and inferential language comprehension.

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Make Words Sparkle for Preschoolers and Kindergarten Children
Learn how to make vocabulary instruction a natural part of shared book reading and everyday conversations with children. Get tips on how to select target words, highlight and convey the meaning of new words, and provide opportunities to use and hear new words in a variety of contexts.

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Guidebook and DVD Resources

Designed to bridge the gap between what the research says and how to actually apply it in your early childhood setting, Hanen resources provide easy-to-use interaction strategies for nurturing early language and literacy development throughout the day.

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