Early Childhood Education Faculty

If you teach in an early childhood education program, Hanen can help you prepare your students to effectively foster the early language and literacy development of young children.

Based on current research, Hanen resources and programs help expand your students’ ability to create the kinds of enriched and inclusive learning environments that help young children learn best.


Guidebook and DVD Resources

Hanen guidebooks and DVDs are invaluable tools for bringing research to life in the classroom, demonstrating how specific responsive interaction strategies facilitate the language and literacy development of young children.

Resources for educators include:

Learning Language and Loving It™ guidebook and DVD – Aimed at educators working with children 0-5 years of age, these resources offer powerful interaction strategies for increasing children’s participation in social interactions and expanding their language and emergent literacy skills during everyday activities and conversations. The companion DVD provides real-life before-and-after video examples of educators applying the strategies in their early childhood settings.

ABC and Beyond™ guidebook – This guidebook draws on the most current research in early literacy development and offers practical, research-based strategies for promoting the following building blocks of literacy during everyday conversations and activities: oral language, vocabulary, story comprehension, language of learning, print knowledge and phonological awareness.

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Complimentary guidebook

If you’d like to use the Learning Language and Loving It or ABC and Beyond guidebook as required or recommended reading for a course you’re teaching, you may be eligible for a complimentary copy. Please send an email to [email protected] for more information.


Hanen Certification

When you attend the 3-day Learning Language and Loving It Certification workshop, you become certified to lead the evidence-based Learning Language and Loving It Program for Early Childhood Educators. You can incorporate the program into your curriculum, offering your students the best possible opportunities for internalizing Learning Language and Loving It strategies and practicing them during everyday interactions with children. The use of individualized coaching and videotaping in the program greatly enhances educators’ opportunities to practice and receive feedback from you so they can learn to self-monitor and modify their interactive behaviour.

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