How Hanen Helps Parents of Children with High-Functioning Autism

If you’re a parent of a child with high-functioning autism, you know that your child has special strengths and abilities. He might use long sentences and have an extensive vocabulary. But having meaningful conversations and connecting with other people is a whole other matter. It can be difficult for your child to communicate when he only sees the world from his perspective, and doesn’t understand subtle facial expressions or how what he says and does affects the people he interacts with. His challenges are often apparent when you see him have conversations that are extremely one-sided.

What you want more than anything is for your child to be able to make friends and to interact more meaningfully with you and with others.

What if you could tap into your child’s strengths, into his special interests and abilities, and use those to help your child learn social skills? This is how Hanen helps – we equip you with practical knowledge and tools to help your child communicate.

  • The TalkAbility™ parent guidebook is a practical, easy-to-use resource that guides you step by step in helping your child.
  • TalkAbility™ — The Hanen Program for Parents of Verbal Children on the Autism Spectrum, is led by Hanen Certified speech-language pathologists. It allows you to learn TalkAbility strategies in a comfortable, small group setting where you can connect with other parents of children with autism.

The TalkAbility Program and autism book resources are designed to make your child’s learning experience a natural and enjoyable part of everyday family activities.

You’ve likely received all kinds of advice for how to help your child learn, and you may not be sure which advice to follow. What sets Hanen apart is the guarantee of research-based strategies. The strategies in the TalkAbility resources and program come directly from cutting-edge research that shows what works with children with high-functioning autism.

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