Communication Development in Preschool with Autism Spectrum Disorder

How Hanen Helps Parents of Autistic Children

The Hanen Centre supports parents of young autistic children to build their child's social communication skills during enjoyable everyday interactions. By using research-based interaction strategies during the everyday routines and activities that are meaningful to your child, you can support their communication, while also developing a better understanding of your child's perspective and helping them connect and have more fun with you.   

Hanen Programs for Parents of Autistic Children

Hanen program focus on parent-implemented intervention – where parents are an essential part of their child’s intervention. Offered by Hanen-certified speech-language pathologists around the world, our two autism programs are:

More Than Words®

At a More Than Words Program, parents learn how to build their child’s social communication skills during everyday routines and activities. They also learn how to understand their child better while having more fun together.
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At a TalkAbility program, parents learn how to support their child to have more extended interactions with both adults and peers. They also learn how to better understand their child’s perspective, help their child understand the perspectives of others, and support their child to find greater joy and connection in their interactions.
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Hanen Guidebooks

Hanen’s autism guidebooks are practical, easy-to-digest resources written specifically for parents of young autistic children or children who may benefit for social communication support. These guidebooks are full of practical examples and helpful checklists for supporting social communication while connecting and having fun together.




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