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Expanding Your Reach with Translated Hanen Resources

Expanding Your Reach with Translated Hanen Resources As a Hanen member, you have taken one of our many workshops offered in English. In an effort to help our members reach even more families, Hanen now offers program materials for families and educators in nearly 20 languages! These resources allow the parents with whom you interact to implement Hanen strategies with their children in their native language.

While several of these translations have been undertaken by The Hanen Centre itself or by an approved international publisher who has partnered with The Hanen Centre (such as the It Takes Two to Talk® Guidebook in French, Spanish, Dutch, and Danish and the More Than Words® Guidebook in Dutch and Korean), the majority of our resource translations have been completed by other Hanen members like you. Parent Handouts and Program Slides for several Hanen Programs® have been unofficially translated into Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and many other languages— and the best part is: these translated resources are available to Hanen members at no additional cost! For a full list of Official Translated Hanen Publications and Unofficial Member Translations, please visit the Translations area of our website
We are always looking for professionals in the field to help us increase the accessibility of Hanen Programs® by translating program resources! This is especially sought after as our programs go through updates from time to time to stay current with industry research (for example, one of our most popular programs, It Takes Two to Talk®, was updated earlier this year and has new content that has yet to be translated). 
If you or a Hanen Certified SLP you know are interested in translating any of our program and parent resources into another language for the benefit of families worldwide, please let us know at translations@hanen.org. Similarly, if you wish to get your hands on a set of translated resources, contact us today!
**Please note that all Unofficial Member Translations still require the signing of a translations agreement between The Hanen Centre and the Hanen Certified SLP who wishes to translate Hanen resources. The Hanen Centre owns all translations. Please contact us for details.