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More Than Words Guidebook, 2nd Edition

A Parent's Guide to Building Interaction and Language Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Social Communication Difficulties

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(Sussman, 2012)
ISBN: 0-921145-41-7, 424pp., Full-colour illustrations

The More Than Words guidebook is written for parents of young children on the autism spectrum or who have social communication difficulties. Beautifully illustrated and easy to read, this guidebook shows parents how to apply specific responsive interaction strategies to everyday activities and interactions, while accommodating their child's developmental stage, interests and unique sensory preferences. Parents learn how to structure interactions so that their child is able to participate and take turns, as well as have fun, while building important social communication skills. Speech-language pathologists and other professionals around the world also use this guidebook to enhance the service they offer to families of children on the autism spectrum.

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