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It Takes Two To Talk ebook, Fifth Edition — Sold via Amazon Kindle

A Practical Guide for Parents of Children with Language Delays

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171pp., Full-colour illustrations, Fully digitized and Kindle compatible, Sold via Amazon

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Written in simple language and filled with colourful illustrations, this beautiful guidebook shows parents how to help their child communicate and learn language during everyday activities like mealtime, bath time, playtime and book reading. An invaluable resource for parents whose children range from those at the very earliest stages of communication to those who have begun to talk in short sentences. Also valuable for SLP/Ts and other professionals who provide support and service to families of young children with language delays.


The Hanen Centre has, once again, done a terrific job of making the information in this newest edition of It Takes Two to Talk accessible to families and professionals, who can rely on the fact that the intervention strategies are based on years of research that support their usefulness in promoting improved communication skills in children with language delays.

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