Target Word Advanced Workshop

Available formats:

It Takes Two to Talk® workshop and current Hanen membership

PD Hours or Credits:
Two-day workshop: 14.5 PD hours/1.45 ASHA CEUs
Four half-day workshop: 18.5 PD hours/1.85 ASHA CEUs


About this workshop

If you’re like many SLPs, a portion of your caseload includes children with primary expressive language delay. These are children between 18 and 30 months of age whose cognitive, comprehension, social and play skills are developing as expected, but who aren’t using as many words or word combinations as other children their age.

The Target Word advanced workshop provides you with a specialized framework for meeting the specific learning needs of this subset of children, also called “late talkers”. With this addition to your clinical toolbox, you will be able to:
  • identify which late talking children will benefit from early intervention
  • set specific goals for each child based on their current communication skills
  • coach parents to use specific strategies, including focused stimulation, to target vocabulary development and lay the foundation for sentence use.
  • determine next steps for each child -- The Target Word Program for parents provides a First Step Diagnostic Intervention to help families determine the most appropriate next steps for their child. 


Workshop components

1. Self-directed learning
  • Before the workshop – You'll complete a pre-workshop assignment about a specific child, and you’ll use this information throughout the workshop. Reading activities, specific to children who are late talkers, will be discussed in small groups and related to your clinical work.
  • During the workshop – You’ll watch an online tutorial designed for parents that outlines criteria to be considered when choosing target words. This is an interactive activity and includes completing pages from the Target Word Parent Handbook.

2. Online, interactive training

The Target Word workshop is a highly interactive small group training that includes discussions and activities with other participants, as well as with the instructor. You’ll be guided through the process of teaching parents in the context of both a Target Word Program and your everyday clinical practice.

View the Target Word Workshop Agenda

Note on attendance: All Hanen workshops require participants to attend each day of the workshop in full, as indicated on the workshop registration page. Full attendance and participation is required in order to be awarded certification and a license to offer the Target Word Program

What’s included

This workshop certifies you to:
  1. Lead the in-person Target Word® Program for Parents of Children Who Are Late Talkers

    This evidence-based program supports parents to create opportunities that build their child’s expressive vocabulary through responsive, child-centred interactions. As the program leader, you’ll help parents learn how to choose 10 “target words” for their child and incorporate these words into a variety of everyday activities and routines.

    Learn more about the program
    Read the research behind the program

  2. Obtain additional licenses to:

    o offer the Target Word Program to individual families – The 1:1 Program license gives
              you access to the same evidence-based elements of the group training but is presented in
              one hour sessions and can be specially tailored to individual family needs.

         o offer the Target Word Program via telepractice – The telepractice version of Target
allows you to offer the group program entirely online. The content has been adapted
             to maintain the best practice elements of Hanen’s in-person programs but modified for
             virtual presentation.

Practical materials
Once certified, you will gain access to the following digital materials:

Target Word Making Hanen Happen Leaders Guide
A session-by-session guide outlining how to offer the program, including pre-program assessment forms.

Target Word program slides with embedded videos
Presentation slides for the entire program, including real-life video examples of parents using Target Word strategies with their children.

Fidelity checklists
Your guide to ensuring treatment fidelity when offering the program to families.

Thinking About Possible Target Words for Your Child – a parent tutorial
The link to share with Parents as a self-study component of the program

Learning objectives

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Lead the Target Word Program for Parents of Children Who Are Late Talkers.
  • Describe the content and format of the Target Word Program.
  • Describe the research on late talkers and the rationale for the development of the Target Word Program.
  • Apply the criteria used to determine if children and their families should be recommended to attend the Target Word program.
  • Identify the key language facilitation strategies parents learn in the Target Word Program.
  • Apply the guidelines for choosing target words for individual children.
  • Discuss the rationale for the focused stimulation strategy and how this strategy is incorporated into the Target Word Program.
  • Describe the process of video feedback and its importance in effecting behaviour change.


"“Thank you so much for making this training available [online]. It is a HUGE addition to my clinical toolkit and I am so grateful. I am excited to purchase the 1:1 license and the telepractice license.”

“Outstanding training – the best Hanen training I have completed to date. I think the group dynamic helped quite a bit. The in depth knowledge and connections made between topics and research enriched the experience. I also felt like we were getting coached in our thinking and implementation which was very helpful.”

“I feel confident to plan and lead a Target Word [program]. I also feel like it has filled in a missing piece that I've been looking for in my practice in the past few years for working with this younger population.”

“A wonderful framework that I feel families will grasp and feel empowered by. I feel confident with the resources provided that I can run a Target Word program!”


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