Learning Language and Loving It™ Guidebook Purchase Options

Attendance in this workshop requires that you own the Learning Language and Loving It™ guidebook. The guidebook is used throughout the training and you cannot participate without it.

To make it as accessible as possible, we have made the guidebook available in a variety of formats and local resellers.

Please note that we recommend you wait until you receive an email from your workshop coordinator saying the workshop is going ahead, before you purchase the book.

Ontario PSL registrants only: Hanen workshop materials are included with your registration fee and will be shipped to you after the go-ahead date.


You can purchase the hard copy guidebook through:

You can purchase the Kindle ebook through:

If you live in a region without a local Amazon Marketplace, you can purchase the ebook on Amazon.com. You may need to update your Amazon account settings to allow for the purchase of Kindle items on Amazon.com. Please contact your local Amazon support for further assistance.

Finally, you can purchase any available translation of the current edition of the Learning Language and Loving It guidebook for your upcoming workshop:

For any questions, please reach out to [email protected].