ABC and Beyond™ Posters

Drawn from Hanen’s ABC and Beyond™ Program for Building Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Settings, these colourful posters remind educators of key strategies for building early literacy during book reading.

Great for pinning up in preschool classrooms, child care centres, libraries or staff rooms, ABC and Beyond posters use simple acronyms to outline the steps in major strategies from the ABC and Beyond guidebook.

The following posters are available individually, as a set of seven, or as a combo pack with the guidebook:


Support your ABC and Beyond Programs

If you’re a Hanen Certified ABC and Beyond Program Leader, you can use these posters as colourful supplements for your programs. Refer to them while you’re teaching or post them as a reference for educators during practice opportunities. Encourage your program participants to post them in their classrooms as reminders to use the ABC and Beyond strategies.

Limited Time Pricing

Individual Poster $6  
Set of 7 Posters $35 You save $7
2-5 sets of posters $31.99 per set You save $3 per set
6+ sets of posters $28.98 per set You save $6 per set
Guidebook + 1 set of posters $59.95 You save $20

Make the most of book reading to prepare young children for
literacy success. Order your ABC and Beyond posters today.