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Teacher Talk™ has been created to introduce early childhood educators to the Learning Language and Loving It™ approach. Professionals licensed in Learning Language and Loving It can add the Teacher Talk license to lead a series of three trainings to help educators create rich and stimulating language-learning environments for young children with a variety of learning and language abilities, including those with language delays and those who are second language learners.

The three Teacher Talk trainings in the series are:

  • Teacher Talk™ Training A: Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood Settings
  • Teacher Talk™ Training B: Let Language Lead the Way to Literacy
  • Teacher Talk™ Training C: Fostering Peer Interaction in Early Childhood Settings
The flexible format of the series allows professionals to offer Training A on its own, or in combination with either or both Training B and C. Professionals must ensure participants complete Training A before attending B or C.

Janice Greenberg, Director of Early Childhood Education Services, The Hanen Centre introduces Teacher Talk Online

Teacher Talk Online

As part of The Hanen Centre’s move to offer digital models for our workshops and programs, a new Teacher Talk Online license is now available for Hanen members who are Learning Language and Loving It-certified and have purchased the Teacher Talk package*.

Initially, only Teacher Talk Training A: Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood Settings had been converted for online delivery. Now, Teacher Talk Training B: Let Language Lead the Way to Literacy is also available via online delivery.

Divided into three 2 ½ hour sessions, Each training provides an overview of the strategies of the Learning Language and Loving It Program. You can begin leading this training online, from your home as soon as you obtain the Online license.

When Training C is converted into online sessions, license holders will automatically receive the resources and handouts for this training.

If you're interested in offering the full  Learning Language and Loving It Online Program, learn about the new license available to members.

*Teacher Talk Online can only be purchased by holders of a current Teacher Talk package. Learning Language and Loving It members can purchase a combo pack with both the in-person and online licenses. 

Teacher Talk Training A Online: Encouraging Language Development in Early Childhood Settings
The foundation training of Teacher Talk addresses how educators can use everyday conversations, play and daily routines to promote the communication and social development of all children.

Participants learn how to:
  • Identify children’s conversational styles and the role teachers play in interactions
  • Implement six steps to following the child’s lead: Observe, Wait and Listen, Be Face to Face, Imitate, Interpret, Comment, and Join in and Play
  • Help children become better conversation partners by using appropriate questions, comments and turn-taking cues
  • Use five important steps to ensure that no child is left out of the interaction during group activities
Teacher Talk Training B Online: Let Language Lead the Way to Literacy
The second training in the series discusses the important links between oral language development and literacy, and provides teachers with practical strategies for paving the way for children to read and write.

Participants learn how to encourage and support literacy development by:
  • Helping children develop a positive attitude toward the use of print
  • Choosing books that match children’s interests and stages of development
  • Using book reading as a time for interaction and conversation
  • Making print a natural and meaningful part of every day
Highlights of the Teacher Talk Online Version
  • You deliver the same evidence-based training series in an online format
  • Your Teacher Talk Online license duplicates the essential ingredients of the in-person series, including interactive group activities, analysis of video examples and completion of practical plans that participants can apply in their classrooms
  • You support teachers to personalize Teacher Talk workbooks to meet the needs of the individual children in their classrooms
  • You receive the Leaders’ Guide and slides for digital delivery of the training
  • You’re able to reach a broader audience with no travel time or space constraints (note: you must abide by any applicable licensing regulations when offering service to participants outside of your jurisdiction). All you need is an internet connection and videoconferencing software to connect with your group
Your Teacher Talk Online License

For current Teacher Talk license holders, you can upgrade your certification with a Teacher Talk Online license for only USD$34.95 for worldwide purchasers or CAD$39.49 for Canada (price includes HST of 13% for all provinces).
The Online license includes:
  • Access to the Leaders Guide, which includes guidance regarding leading a group online, as well as session modifications and technology requirements
  • Downloadable session slides modified for online delivery
  • Downloadable guides for the online breakout activities
If you are a Learning Language and Loving It member but aren’t licensed in Teacher Talk, you can buy a Teacher Talk combo license pack, which includes Teacher Talk: In-Person and Teacher Talk Online, for $139.95 (plus tax where applicable). When purchasing the combo pack, please allow 24-48 hours to receive access to your licenses.

Combo license purchasers will be shipped the Teacher Talk Leader’s Guide to lead you through the in-person trainings, a USB drive with the Teacher Talk in-person slides, and a set of 3 workbooks. All license holders will also get digital access to the online program materials to deliver Teacher Talk Online.

With this new license, you can help even more educators transform their classrooms into enriching communication and language learning centres.

Add the Teacher Talk Online license to your Hanen toolkit today.
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