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Meet the Challenges of State-wide Leadership

Partner with The Hanen Centre to enhance the support you offer to your members

As a leader of your state association, you know that offering value to your members is key to meeting your social and fiscal bottom lines. Members look to you to provide an array of benefits that are of value to them as clinicians and professionals. One of the key benefits state associations offer is professional development that addresses the needs and interest of members, improves their clinical skills and raises professional quality and reputation.

The Hanen Centre specialises in providing professional development to speech-language pathologists in the area of parent-implemented early language intervention, including best practice in parent coaching. SLPs who work with young children and their families often experience challenges in supporting, engaging and coaching parents of young children with language delays and disorders. While we know what constitutes best practice and efficacy in parent coaching and training in early language intervention, research shows that providers do not consistently adhere to effective coaching principles and practices and have expressed the need for more training in caregiver coaching strategies. The Hanen Centre’s commitment is to provide SLPs with training and resources so they can effectively engage parents in their child’s early language intervention using an evidence-based framework.

If you’re interested in enhancing the professional development you offer your SLP members, we invite you to consider a partnership with us!

Learn more at our CSAP presentation on November 16th from 2:00—3:00pm
Join Cindy Earle M.A. S-LP (C), CCC, Clinical Consultant and former Hanen Program Director, as she describes the many partnership opportunities that can strengthen the leadership you provide to your members in the area of family-centered early language intervention.

Here are a few partnership possibilities, but we’d be happy to discuss other opportunities as well!

State-partnered workshops on parent training
Explore possible partnerships to provide exemplary professional development with an ASHA CEU-approved provider. Provide discounts on professional development for your members coupled with profit sharing opportunities.

Complimentary presentations
Bring an expert speaker from The Hanen Centre to present to your members on best practice in engaging parents in their child’s early language intervention.

Discounted resources
Give your members discounted access to Hanen’s user-friendly resources and receive a financial benefit.

Discounted online learning sessions approved for CEUs
Offer your members special savings on Hanen e-Seminars, which provide relevant and practical clinical content developed by Hanen’s expert clinicians with financial incentives for you when they take advantage of the offer.

Content sharing
Provide your members with complimentary, research-based handouts to share with parents on building children’s communication and language development in everyday interactions.

Get in touch with us!

We’re excited to partner with you! Please reach out to our Business Development Coordinator, Tianna Noble, at or call Toll Free at 1-877-426-3655, ext. 240.


Hanen Online Workshops for Speech-language Pathologists

Hanen workshops are founded on the philosophy that early language intervention is most effective when parents are respected and empowered as consumers and as collaborating team members. These online workshops have a limited number of participants and are highly interactive to facilitate participants’ learning. They are designed to equip SLPs with the skills to become effective adult educators and coaches so they can fully engage and collaborate with parents in making their child’s early language intervention a natural, ongoing process.

Certification (Entry-level) Workshops

It Takes Two to Talk® More Than Words® Learning Language and Loving It™
Learn how to coach and support parents of children with language delays so they gain the skills to facilitate their child’s language development during everyday, enjoyable interactions.

2.15 ASHA CEUs/
21.5 PD hours

Learn more
Learn how to coach and support parents of children on the autism spectrum so they gain the skills to facilitate their child’s social and communication skills in everyday contexts.

2.20 ASHA CEUs/
22 PD hours

Learn more
Gain an evidence-based framework for training and engaging educators to create the enriched early learning environments that build children’s language, literacy and social skills.

2.15 ASHA CEUs/
21.5 PD hours

Learn more

Advanced Workshops

Target Word™ TalkAbility™ ABC and Beyond™
Address the specific needs of children who are Late Talkers, and support parents to facilitate their child’s expressive vocabulary development during everyday conversations.

1.85 ASHA CEUs/
18.5 PD hours

Learn more
Learn how to support parents of children on the autism spectrum (ages 4-8) to promote the language and social skills required for extended conversations and deeper connections with adults and peers.

1.35 ASHA CEUs/
13.5 PD hours

Learn more
Gain a flexible approach to training and engaging educators of a 3-5 year-olds to promote emergent literacy development during daily, naturalistic interactions.

1.4 ASHA CEUs/
14 PD hours

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About The Hanen Centre

Founded in 1975, The Hanen Centre is a not-for-profit charitable organization committed to supporting all the important adults in a young child’s life to build the best possible language, social and literacy skills. We’ve trained over 150,000 professionals in over 100 countries, including US SLPs in 49 states. We have several American workshop instructors who lead Hanen workshops. We’ve worked with numerous school boards, universities, hospitals, and state associations throughout the U.S. We also have a broad international reach, working with organizations like Health Service Executive in Ireland, National Health Service in the UK, Speech Pathology Australia, and Speech and Language Therapy Singapore (SALTS).

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