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Pre-workshop Assignment Details
It Takes Two to Talk® Certification Workshop

The Pre-workshop Assignment for the It Takes Two to Talk® Workshop consists of three parts.

Part 1 - Helping Adults Learn – online learning module
(Approximately 1 hour to complete)

Through completing this interactive online module, participants will learn about:

  • the theoretical framework that underlies what and how participants learn in all Hanen Programs
  • how this framework relates to designing an effective learning environment for parents or educators based on principles of adult learning
  • how Kolb’s (1984) four learning styles  affect the learning of Hanen Program participants
  • how an  individual learner’s  knowledge, experiences, values and beliefs  affect the learner’s approach to the learning experience
  • how the Hanen teaching methodology, titled the "4P Teaching-Learning Cycle,”  facilitates learning and behavior change by addressing individual learning styles and characteristics  

Part 2 – Parent-Child Observation and Checklist Completion
(Approximately 1-2 hours to complete)

Each participant will be required to observe a parent-child interaction including a child who has a language delay.   Based on this observation, participants will complete checklists which outline development in the areas of interaction, language and play.  Checklists are provided. 

Part 3 – Completion of a Self-survey
(Approximately 20 minutes to complete)

Each participant will complete of a self-survey titled "How Do You Actively Involve and Guide Families in Your Clinical Sessions”?  This survey will be used for discussions about coaching families throughout the It Takes Two to Talk workshop.