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Information for Regional Coordinators

The Hanen Ontario Provincial Preschool Speech and Language Initiative supports a variety of professionals who work with preschool children and their caregivers within the PSL. As regional coordinator, you are the first point of contact for accessing the training and resources they need.

FAQ: Your Questions and Our Reminders -
Updated September 2017

Hanen Training for your Staff

View workshop and training descriptions and a list of workshops/trainings currently scheduled

If you’ve identified a need for professional development in your system, and you’re interested in having staff trained in a particular Hanen workshop or training, please download the Application for Professional Development through The Hanen Centre.

On this form, you’ll indicate the specific workshop or training of interest, as well as how many staff would like to attend, and you will forward this request to the Ministry of Child and Youth Services. Approved requests are then sent back to you, as well as to the Hanen Ontario Provincial Preschool Speech and Language Initiative.  We will then be in touch with you regarding space availability and workshop or training location.

Request for Reimbursement of Travel and Accommodation Expenses - Updated December 2016

Hanen Resources for Staff

If you have staff who are currently offering, or are scheduled to offer, a full Hanen Program® or an approved adapted Hanen Program®, they may be eligible for Hanen resources for that particular program at no cost.

Please note that to receive resources, SLPs and ECEs must have current Hanen membership, and you must provide us with scheduled dates for the program.

The following resource order forms must be signed by you, as well as the Hanen member offering the program:

*Please note: You must download and save the above forms to your computer before completing them as you may experience problems if you try to open it in your web browser and complete it from there. An easy way to save the PDF to your computer is to right click the link to the PDF and select ‘Save target as’ or Save link as’. If you are still having difficulty opening the PDF documents above, please download/update Adobe Reader.

Reimbursement of Student Registration Fee for the It Takes Two to Talk®  Certification Workshop

Speech language pathology graduates hired within Ontario’s Preschool Speech and Language Initiative may be eligible for full reimbursement of their student workshop registration fee if they meet the following criteria:
1.       position within Ontario’s PSL is the applicant’s first place of employment as an SLP
2.       the request for registration fee reimbursement is within one year of the applicant’s course completion (i.e. eligible for employment as an SLP)
3.       the certification workshop was held in conjunction with an Ontario University
4.       proof of graduation with a Masters in Speech Pathology has been submitted to the Hanen Centre (completes requirements for ITTT certification)
5.       a signed ITTT cooperative agreement has been submitted to The Hanen Centre
This reimbursement must be requested by the Regional Coordinator of the hiring PSL in conjunction with the newly hired SLP.

Request for Reimbursement of Student Registration Fee for Hanen ITTT Certification Workshop