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Promoting a young child’s language and literacy skills is kind of like baking a cake – many different ingredients go into making it a success. But if there’s one key ingredient that makes a bigger difference than any other in preparing children for school success, it’s quality conversation.

The 2017 Hanen Calendar makes conversation a key focus. 128 fun and easy tips show parents and educators how they can turn any part of the day into an opportunity to have rich conversations that set the stage for children’s language and literacy success.

Beyond the Word Count – Quality Over Quantity

Studies have long showed that children who hear more words at a young age go on to have a significant educational advantage over those who heard fewer words. So we know that talking to children is very important.

But a more recent study shows that just overhearing lots of words is not what makes the biggest difference in a child’s development1. To truly prepare children for language and literacy success, adults must engage children in conversations that:

  • go back and forth for several turns and make the child an active participant
  • follow the child’s lead by talking about what interests him
  • use a variety of vocabulary, as well as language that goes beyond the here-and-now (e.g. talking about the past and the future)
  • give children an opportunity to draw on their existing knowledge and experience to do things like predict, problem-solve, explain, and see things from other people’s perspectives.

A Fun and Affordable Tool for Promoting Conversation

Whether a child is just learning to talk or already speaks in sentences, the 2017 Calendar offers dozens of research-based tips for creating the kinds of interactions that will help that child learn best.

Designed for use by both parents and educators, this edition of the calendar includes:

Monthly themes centering around specific strategies
The calendar is divided into key strategies for promoting the language and literacy skills children need to learn, and shows parents and educators how they can promote those skills through powerful conversations.
Each month includes a description of what current research says about promoting key language and literacy skills.
An expanded focus on 18 months-5 years
The 128 tips in this calendar are divided into two categories depending on the child’s language level, so parents and educators can choose the appropriate tip for the child they’re interacting with.
Concrete ideas that can be applied
across contexts

Each month contains 8 diverse tips that can be applied in a home or classroom setting during the following activities: Book Reading, Playtime, On the Go, and Daily Activities

Work in a school board or early learning centre?

The Hanen Calendar makes a cost-effective, high-quality addition to any information package you may prepare for caregivers each year. Call us Toll Free at 1-877-Hanen55 or send us an email, and we’ll work within your budget to get this resource into the hands of as many parents and educators as possible.


The 2017 Hanen Calendar is now available for only $4.95! Order now while supplies last.

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1Hirsh-Pasek, K., Adamson, L. B., Bakerman, R., Tresch Owen, M., Michnick Golinkoff, R., Pace, A., Yust, P. K. S., & Suma, K. (2015). The Contribution of Early Communication Quality to Low-Income Children’s Language Success. Psychological Science, 26(7), 1071-1083.