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Speech-Language Pathology Students

If you plan to work with young children who are language-delayed and their families or educators, The Hanen Centre can help make the transition from school to work as smooth as possible.

See below for ways to gain practical knowledge and skills for building children’s early language and literacy naturalistically, and for sharing these strategies with the parents and educators who can make the biggest difference in children’s lives.

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Attend a Hanen e-Seminar

Register for one of our 2-hour online training sessions to get a “taste” of the Hanen approach while building important clinical skills that will help you in your work with families and educators.

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Apply for Hanen’s Student Subsidy

Every year, The Hanen Centre invites graduating SLP students to apply for a $200.00 subsidy toward the registration fee for the It Takes Two to Talk® Certification Workshop.*

This world-renowned workshop provides a proven teaching methodology and coaching framework for effectively engaging parents in their child’s early language intervention.

Annual application deadlines:
June 15th and December 15th

Already graduated?
Download Student Subsidy Application

* You must apply within two years of your graduation date.

Get Practical Guidebook and DVD Resources

Written in simple language and filled with concrete examples, Hanen guidebooks and DVDs help you bridge the gap between what the research says and how to help parents and educators apply it.

These resources describe and explain easy to-use responsive interaction strategies that can be shared with parents and educators to help them promote children’s language and literacy throughout the day.

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For a monthly list of all upcoming e-Seminars and workshops, sign up for our monthly Continuing Education Update.