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How Hanen Helps Speech-Language Pathologists who Work with Children with High-Functioning Autism

As speech-language professionals working with children on the autism spectrum, we all know that the most effective early intervention strategy is one that involves parents. While we know this to be important, how we involve parents is equally important.

Parents are adult learners with specific needs, goals, life experiences and knowledge. They want practical help from us, and they want it to be relevant to themselves and their child.

To successfully involve parents in their child’s early intervention, we need to be familiar with the principles of adult education and their application to our work with parents. We need to establish a partnership with parents in a way that strengthens their capability to help their child. This is what Hanen does best.

Building on the approach developed in Hanen’s More Than Words® Program for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum, Hanen has developed an approach specifically for families of verbal children with high-functioning autism, including Asperger Syndrome, to help them build their children’s social communication skills. The TalkAbility™ Program is grounded in new, innovative research and is based on principles of adult education.

The TalkAbility Advanced Workshop certifies you to lead the TalkAbility Program for Parents of Children of Verbal Children on the Autism Spectrum. You’ll learn the most effective ways to empower parents to promote empathy and perspective-taking in their child using everyday routines and activities. The TalkAbility workshop provides you with all the resources needed to lead the program, as well as with a valuable framework for working with parents of children with social communication difficulties.

If you’re unable to conduct the program with a group of parents, the TalkAbility guidebook can still be easily integrated into home programming and autism speech therapy sessions. With dozens of illustrated examples of strategies, this resource teaches parents simple ways to help their child learn in everyday situations.

Click on the following link to learn more about how the TalkAbility Advanced Workshop helps speech-language pathologists:

To learn more about how the TalkAbility guidebook helps speech-language pathologists, click on the link below: